How to improve the site sticky some necessary conditions on

second, a good program: a good program of the site is very large, the website is a tool for us, if we choose the procedure of bad words will have a great resistance to the development of japan. If the owners own programming, then the effect is not so big, if we only know a bit of code, then will be a lot of trouble, not a little thing please Internet companies to modify or debug. Many owners would choose a CMS station, suggest the choice before please go to the deep understanding, if inconsiderate, a matter of website development and CMS does not match the day after it is very difficult.

each site has its own characteristics, perhaps these characteristics in the webmaster seems perfect, but users may not think so. We do website is a service for users, so we should always stand in the user’s perspective. According to do stand experience combined with the actual situation of some websites to share, stick to the user site should meet what conditions. The number of Internet sites is huge, different industry site characteristics are different, because I am a personal webmaster, so only the analysis of personal website. Total from ten aspects and share, there may be some people for having heard it many times, some people are not aware of, no matter how, he represents my own views, if what is wrong, please correct me, thank Chinaz home owners here to provide such a platform to share.

third, good domain name domain name was mentioned many times: why? Because a domain name is representative of a website, needless to say the benefits of a good domain name brings, is after you a fortune. The domain name is powerful people easy to remember, easy to spread. The common good domain name can refer to several aspects, the general principle should be short and easy to remember, but everything is not absolute, and you do not blindly pursue short and the theme of the site and not take the side of the domain name, the domain name or formulaic letters. Now, Larry is the best choice, but has been registered almost three pieces, one direction is also good. In addition, when you register a domain name, not free to change, to make good use of it.

fourth, although these are not good: the speed of website promotion, but it does net >

, the first page: as the saying goes in vain, but it is undeniable that people often judge the same website, users no matter in what ways to access your site, if your page layout is very messy, very dazzling color, then I want to stay in your site users will not be long, don’t expect they will remember. So, the website "looks" very important, beautiful page layout is not to pursue flashy effects or Flash and pictures. Although some websites is the main text, but tonal collocation is very harmonious, navigation design is very clear, the user access without the slightest resistance, this is a good page. We have good content in the pursuit of the same time, we must pay attention to their own page is good enough.

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