How to bring the actual website optimization website volume

How does the

clear and concise pattern of customer retention


website to attract customers, how the layout can be easy for customers to browse, how the structure will make customers tired? With these questions to reflect the planning of the website is a website optimization operation. If a web site about the next rolling picture, or through the flash mode to introduce information. As visitors first glance is picture to spend an eye, what information to read web content; to read the consultation information but not text in flash, click on the hyperlink can not, how users visit the web site for further reading. Even the information can provide.

what is the key? Like a sell mobile phone company, sales of mobile phone brands, styles, such as "N78", "music", Android Symbian mobile phone "3G operating system" can become the company website keywords. Keywords orientation from the search queries, we say what problem, how to reply, the answer may be many, the form will also be different, but we can do what the most popular topic, one is personalized, more subjective awareness of the answer. This means that the choice of keywords to hold the hot spot, but we choose words but also to avoid the same reply, this is done in order to avoid unnecessary competition, and get more traffic hits. The choice of keywords which represent a point – keywords website optimization.


keyword ranking brings visitors

selection is the first step of website optimization, choose keywords can not equal to in search results show, to optimize the operation structure which requires further arrangement of keyword and website, only by optimizing the operation to be in various forms of search engine trust, search engine to recommend search results. If the " Android 3G operating system; " the word row to the forefront of the search results, the natural increase rate of Web exposure, increase website hits is the inevitable result. So the website optimization first reason customer is able to bring more traffic. Can let the search quickly find their own website.

why do we do website optimization Website optimization, what are the benefits? This question is universal for enterprise managers. However, we say that website optimization is the fundamental survival website must operate, website development. As a web search on the Internet to understand their business or product index portal, to search from the search engine needs to be found by search engines to record, record collection, to the site as a whole structure to facilitate the search engine crawl, the contents of the article, authoritative search engine worth recording. Website optimization is based on the academic skills of search engine optimization. What is the purpose of the enterprise do website? In order to get customers from the cyber source to get the final profit. Do website optimization what reason is this customer? Today we want to talk about:

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