The search engine is how to find the station group cheating optimization

but a lot of people do stand group often some defects, that is done very regularly, the search engine is very offensive stations targeted optimization, so the station once more regularly, it is very easy to be found in the search engine, then you will be away from the K station not far away to do so, the station group, the problem to be solved is not regular, we have the following search engines to find stations cheating six questions of principle about


three: the keyword of the website is basically the same, this is also a lot of stationmaster lazy phenomenon, because the same keyword to collect the same article, in the content of the construction is very fast, this is often the first search engine and anti cheating method stations echoes, so this is a lot to get rid of the master station group

for the grassroots webmaster, although the station group investment is a little big, but the current through the traditional method to do Shanghai Longfeng optimization difficulty is more and more big, and the station group advantage lies in the strong optimization way can form the sprocket, rapidly enhance the target station ranking and weight, so even if the investment is relatively a large, powerful but still attracted a lot of grassroots Adsense, and if the station group raised more good, the money effect is still very strong! This is the main reason for the rise of the

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: the content of the website is basically the same, this is one of the main basis to determine the search engine, is also a station group website problems difficult to solve, because the number of stations of the site is very large, if each website has a very high quality content, it is quite difficult for a root or a few members of the small team! So many stations website content is the same, we now look at the left-hand coffee station group is so, but now people through the soft Wen marketing, and not too dependent on search engines! But for other types of sites, once the K loss is very

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five: the site outside the chain source is basically the same, which is one of the methods of search engine recognition, because the original resource stations tend to use their own hands, and transplantation of every site in the station group, which in turn will bring the source of the chain is highly similar, so for the grassroots webmaster, must learn to differentiate for in the construction of the chain on the

six: highly interconnected, the website link between this station, "

four: the website using the same template, this situation is very common, because the template on the network everywhere, but also are all free, take over with the website template is simple! But the same content, the same template website is very easy to search engine recognition, so for grassroots webmaster to avoid the minefield of


two: Web server IP address is basically the same, this is also a lot of station operators in order to save the cost of Web site operators, using the same virtual hosting space, it is very easy to search engine to identify, if you hit the muzzle, then your station group will become more and more dangerous!

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