How to analyze the 2013 Shanghai dragon service company to develop the content of strategy

But the strategy?

then, the original content of the cognition should be clear, the original content should also have the unique property of

the quality of the original content is not equal to the product of soft, soft products although also belong to the original content, but many soft advertising with a very strong nature of the. But there are too many similar content, the content for the user, the user may not want. I think quality content to have originality and uniqueness, too many similar advertisements do not conform to the user experience first, of course, on the web editors demand even higher. Must be the product and industry in-depth understanding can be written in line with the user experience of the article, the contents and other contents to >

first, a Shanghai Longfeng service company has a large number of enterprises

Hello, I am the stone, now Shanghai dragon circles vibe content for the emperor, the user experience is king of the golden laws and precious rules. The content of era is coming? As a Shanghai, people should learn to calm analysis and thinking, millions of others also cloud cloud. For example: enterprise content on the station to how many high-quality original content, the number of enterprises station is because the content do well and get good rankings? These are difficult to guess, but according to the data to speculate. Companies in all walks of life can be analyzed under the station, take the first page of the site as the object of analysis, comparative content, the chain, domain name time Shanghai dragon ranking factors. But it is certain that the original content must have, if it is a enterprise service station of Shanghai Longfeng network company, so how to make the contents of this

Many enterprises do

professional services company Shanghai dragon how to adapt to this change? The recruitment of professional writers? Cultivate strong editorial team? Or too much of that sentence enterprises involved in the industry, such as: machinery industry, chemical industry, packaging industry, it is hard to understand the various industries. We can only go to the understanding of an industry, a certain type of product, and then writing it relatively easier. Some Shanghai dragon service companies do a few industries enterprise website, this Shanghai dragon company can develop targeted web editors.

station of Shanghai Longfeng services company will have a large number of client sites, and now the enterprise entered the station optimization cabbage price era, so the Shanghai dragon company is also constantly reduce the price, if a Shanghai Longfeng company has 200 sites, so to maintain the site itself requires so many many people. Even the pure hair of the chain also need a group of people every day to send N the chain, a small city with only a few professional services company Shanghai dragon, as the author knows most of Hefei city network company is based, supplemented by Shanghai dragon service station. If not to do a professional services company Shanghai dragon is not a lot of recruitment website editor, compared to the chain Commissioner, web editors have higher requirements. Not to mention the various industry station, Shanghai Longfeng low-end service not to earn what money, nature is not what people are willing to do.

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