The love Shanghai search engine optimization guide personal understanding summary

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as love Shanghai on the website of the review, the key point is the user experience. What is the user experience? Is the user that your website content and obtain useful, very convenient. Love Shanghai on the website of the crawling and ranking is from the start. Shanghai Shanghai sex dragon, also should focus on these to do.

er said the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai Shanghai sex dragon, domain name should be the website keyword pinyin or Pinyin is the name of the web site. I think there is some truth. Because of love in the "guide" in Shanghai said: "the domain name or site name and website theme can be echoed, let people see the domain name you can think of the web content, such as the use of the company name, trademark, name of the website or the company products and other information to select the domain name", but here love Shanghai words carefully, use "that is to say," there is no necessary link between the two. In fact, from many sites in Shanghai love ranking, can not find a link between the two.

, the domain name 1

"love Shanghai search engine optimization guide" (hereinafter referred to as the "guide") issued for a period of time, but I was the first time to read carefully. For the love Shanghai Shanghai dragon, the optimization guide as the Bible in general. Although only a few pages, not many words, but the meaning is profound. From the optimization guide, love Shanghai Shanghai dragon is not what great things, as long as the love Shanghai Optimization Guide to do, the website will get good rankings and flow.

in the "guide" in the first that the choice of the domain name: "domain name is the user first impression of the website, can let users quickly remember the name of the site is very important to the development of." This sentence shows the choice of the domain name to consider from the user’s point of view. Best to let it remember, for the next visit. This is one of the user experience, easy access. What kind of domain name easy to remember? Of course is short of the domain name, but also interesting domain name. For example, the best Baidu, direct Pinyin, and short; there are some numbers such as 163; and Pinyin and digital integrated with hao123.

domain name suffixes, is about to search engine, although love Shanghai said "the domain name suffix using what kind of love for Shanghai, but did not affect the" search "love Shanghai and added" domain name suffix also need to consider the user memory". This sentence is very vague, what kind of domain name suffixes user memory? Some people think that the COM domain name, Lenovo to the company; some people think that CN, Lenovo to China; some people think that net, Lenovo to the network, some people think that gov, Lenovo to the government; some people think that info, Lenovo to information. These are the people just, not remember waking. But fall in love with examples of COM, CN, sea net suffixes, which makes us further understand the love of Shanghai gives more weight to the domain name. Two I also confirmed this point. (in fact, Google is such a method, the other from different domain.

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