Why your website did not get high traffic

I believe that many webmaster in

function is not complete, can not give people the beauty.


flow is a site of the survival of the people visiting the site is different from shopping, lots of good location good and someone will come to the Internet, in this virtual world, to the site have enough traffic, or is the optimization of the good promotion, or brand effect.

First of all, the

website content to deceive customers, regardless of the user experience.

just contact the Internet this piece have done a lot of standing, as for me, when in 2011 the Shanghai dragon contact on their own to do a website on NBA, was also looking forward to their website to be loved by everyone, the website can be a great group of users however, when I insisted for three months, found that he was wrong, as a novice, there are questions on this site in one of the first is exposed, due to construction problems of its own, website style and other browser is not compatible, the second is in the station optimization do not perfect, keywords choose too single and so on, so this site will not end.

webmaster in your daily Internet are hoping to find a > on the Internet

Try to

after work I also do two or three stations, although have not done especially well site, but after each site has a different harvest time, continue to the next station can do better, in other words, learn more things, to improve their ability.

is now the domestic sites in the Internet industry is indeed a lot, thanks to upgrade technology, do more and more easily, a company has four or five websites is a very common thing, but can really Nadechushou but not many, many sites have this or that problem, or is the website function not complete web site, color collocation, or due to technical reasons many section function is not complete, it will more or less affect the user’s access, users always feel awkward at the time of the visit, this will give the user a bad impression.

after two years of promotion, this one has a lot of experience in the website optimization, here and share with you the site did not receive high traffic.

the author summed up this phenomenon is mainly two reasons, the first is the lack of investment, there is no real network. As a key to do, for example, in order to save money, buy cheap space, causing the site to appear unnecessary problems when opened. The second is the webmaster do when the site is not careful enough, many of the details of the things get throught a thing carelessly, didn’t notice, that these are small, does not have much effect on the website, but when the site appears in the small details so much, so do not come out of the site before the taste, webmaster our initial dream was all these small details to kill.

When we

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