80% traditional website transformation decide on what path to follow from the garbage station

2, analyze the needs of users which

1, make clear our customers who are

the "28 rule", search engine has 80% of the site is still in the station search traffic state, this part of the site to obtain the total overall search traffic accounted for only 20%, the remaining 80% of the traffic was ranked good quality stations to commandeer, therefore, the traditional site must be in urgent need of transformation. As soon as possible out of the garbage station of the cycle, prove that he is still alive".


website service object, sales target, grasp the accurate customer, to lay a solid foundation to establish the correct way to Shanghai dragon direction.

know their customers, we will be able to analyze their needs, including the core demand, potential demand analysis and so on, how? Through the analysis of the drop-down box, love Shanghai love Shanghai love Shanghai related search index Thorpe map, love Shanghai background statistics etc., and then combined with a final conclusion.

transformation strategy:

decide on what path to follow!

3, to meet the needs of users

A powerful theoretical reference The establishment of

Shanghai dragon is to have the heart of altruism, needs to solve the problem of the user, can we embody the value of the site, the search engine will give better rankings. Of course, users may be more than one, so, sometimes, we should pay attention to the needs of users coverage, coverage and more often on the row >

the content of the website is still in the waste site, row in Shanghai love home website are high-quality website, how can we create a high quality website? Can let search engine love, and let the users love? Then we have to optimize the personnel such as how will we refuse now stand fast ranking do love Shanghai home, a 360 degree shift? Here we share 80% traditional website transformation from station

through the analysis of the core keywords, we can reverse the launch our customers have, only find out who is our customer, we can better position.

After The current 80%

search engine, information content is still relatively scarce, this time many websites just send the content of the chain can get good rankings, but now, the search engine has been realized in the search engine market fierce competition environment, only to solve the needs of the user site to the front row and in order to retain the user, can zhandexianji. Take the love of Shanghai for example, used to be a single large, at that time did not have a strong sense of crisis, and now face 360, Sogou attack, was forced to make a change, at this moment, the 80% traditional web site also need to follow the pace of adjustment, love Shanghai’s transformation to become a value to the users the web site.

In the early development of


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