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Bharti had created a controversy in January last year when he went to a locality in his constituency in Malviya Nagar, Kejriwal had demanded immediate suspension of the “corrupt” officials who refused to act in the interest of the public whose cause Somnath Bharti had taken up, So yeah, you have a Bhaag Milkha Bhaag and Barfi! but then you also have a Chennai Express or Kick and both are extremely successful in their own space It feels like a wide open space right now where everybody can go and grab their piece of land Also there is some amazing talent out there right from actors to technicians I just worked with cameraman Pankaj (Kumar) who is phenomenal and had earlier worked on Ship Of Theseus Haider happens to be his first big feature film I am also working with new actresses like Shraddha (Kapoor) and Alia Bhatt Do you feel like a veteran who knows it all I must confess I have suddenly started feeling older (laughs) Earlier I used to feel like I am the youngest of the lot It was like – haan abhi toh main young hoon aur galtiyaan kar sakta hoon And suddenly I was like ‘what are all these kids doing’ When I attend parties and meet some of the newbies I realise that I am not 25 any more Although I started really young I have been doing all this work since the last 11 years and have seen the graph change over the years It’s the first time that I feel like I am more experienced older and mature Is there any youngster who makes you feel insecure Do you consider anyone to be a potential threat or to use a more polite term competitor Everybody is a threat Nowadays if a film crosses Rs100 crore you automatically become a threat But I don’t feel insecure otherwise I wouldn’t have survived this journey despite giving quite a few unsuccessful films Coming to your question I really like the way Ranbir (Kapoor) is handling his career I admire the way he has made the correct choice of films He also carries himself very well and I honestly enjoy watching him on screen I think everyone else still needs to do a lot more to prove themselves Success and failure come and go but I am looking at only the quality of work because that’s the only thing you are in control of as an actor Not necessarily the box-office figures From among the new actresses that you have worked with who is your favourite Why do I have to choose one favourite (laughs) Okay Don’t play favourites but you can say nice things about all of them But that will be so boring ya This is a lot of performance pressure (switches to a serious tone) I think both (Shraddha and Alia) of them are very nice I had an amazing experience working with them They are going to be the biggest superstars of tomorrow It’s a woman’s world they are running the world and all the men are just a part of the supporting cast (laughs) Oh Also hum log support karne ke liye khade hain and women don’t need support either So what do we do Just hang around Hangers-on that’s what we are now Have you ever been approached to do a television show And what kind of shows would you ideally like to do Yes I have But I should really like something to accept it You also need to understand what people want to see you do But if something exciting comes up I will definitely take it up Television is a great medium I have really enjoyed hosting awards and the kind of connect that you establish with the audience is amazing It’s a lot like films Sometimes you have to work hard and make sure that your sensibility gels well with the film that you are doing Absolutely I don’t think you should ever do a film that you can’t really believe in It’s like you shouldn’t essay a character like Rajkumar if you are not able to pull it off with conviction Also I have to depend on my director’s conviction to get convinced only if he is satisfied about what he is making and I am satisfied about him will the relationship move forward How do you get convinced to do a film Is it like what everyone says ‘I go by my instinct or ‘what my heart says’ (Laughs) Gut feel God all those typical quotes Well there have been various reasons why I have done films in my 11 years of work The reasons have changed over time which has been a learning process But I definitely think I could have made better choices I think I am making better choices now As of today the role and subject really needs to be exciting I need to feel like I want to devote six months of my life to it I need to be excited about working with the film-maker who is directing the film and we need to have similar energies as people While making a film we spend so much time together that one really shouldn’t work with people that one can’t reach out to or find a connect with So I really wanna work with people that I can feel the same way for whether I am having a success party or they are getting drunk and I am having a chai in my house (smiles) after a film has not done well Regardless of the two scenarios I want to be able to have that journey with the film-maker which will not change the way I feel towards them after the release of the film It’s very important to allow positive energy to move forward and associate with people who bring that out There are certain people who bring out the best in you and some bring out the worst Always try to stick around with people who bring out your better side Your association with Shiamak Davar has been a long one and recently you were a part of your brother Ishaan’s graduation show Did you get nostalgic Honestly I did have tears in my eyes and Shiamak gave me an award for no reason I felt that all the kids deserved an award and not me but he was very emotional about it I also got quite emotional because it was like a flashback to what used to happen in my life and then I was now seeing my brother do the same thing During my early days I was always splitting centre in the first row which is a huge thing for dancers We start in the fourth row and work our way towards the first line It’s like life Going backstage clicking pictures with old friends and bonding with the team brought back many memories Who has helped you the most to reach where you are today Wow (Laughs) I don’t know It’s very difficult to answer that There are several people (pauses) It obviously starts with your parents followed by my siblings immediate family my first teacher Shiamak My first director (Ken Ghosh) my first producer my first co-stars – they are the guys I did it for the first time with Gosh (pauses) My closest friends the people that I work with My team is a huge part of who I am Today an actor is not an individual anymore It’s very difficult to break it down but yeah these are some of them Also I was very close to my maternal grandfather He was a huge part of my life till I turned ten and shifted to Mumbai from Delhi I can never forget how he used to drop me to school everyday There was not a single day in my life where he didn’t drop me to school It might sound like a normal thing but (gets emotional) it’s amazing Do you feel you are getting close to being a fine actor like your father Pankaj Kapur Are you mad (Laughs) But hello Don’t you think I am making an effort (smiles) The one thing that nobody can take away from me is that I put my heart and soul in whatever I do Your father has done a lot of non – commercial films and has always stood out as a good actor However you started off on the other end of the spectrum So do you think non – commercial actors can crossover and vice-versa Commercial and non – commercial is difficult to divide There is mainstream which has songs and you are supposed to look good be desirable like the perfect male or female but that has nothing to do with the actor that you are It’s connected to being a hero or heroine at some level I don’t know if the crossover is successfully possible but what is possible is to make good films and cast the actors rightly What’s also possible is to draw the audience in because of certain physical attributes that you might have Like all my friends most of the girls who I hang around and watch football with (smiles and changes tone while laughing) will only ask stuff like – ‘Is David Beckham there’ How people look is exciting and eventually a lot of people cater to it In some films looks are important apart from other important elements Then there are other films where such things aren’t required I think Hollywood has done a great job where you have people like Al Pacino Robert De Niro or Dustin Hoffman They may not score 10 on 10 for looks but they are fantastic actors and you wanna go watch their films because you know they will engage you for two hours Others may be extremely good-looking but you may not be able to watch them for long on screen Which of the above mentioned categories do you fall under You want me to comment on myself (smiles) I don’t do that But I hope I feature in it somewhere (laughs) I definitely feature somewhere that much I know Now which side you guys can decide But what do people colleagues or your directors tell you This is true But I’ll still not comment (laughs) What to say ya baba It’s dumb to say such things Fine So we will go say ahead and say it out loud that – you are wonderful very talented very good looking actor Extremely high on date-able quotient All of that You wanted us to say it (laughs) It feels so nice to hear it from others It doesn’t feel so nice to say it yourself Do you watch your own films Yes I do watch my own films But it happens in different stages A lot of times you end up watching it in portions You watch a lot of it in front of the monitor after you have finished a shot and then keep it in your memory Then you watch it when the film is being edited and if the film-maker wants to show it to you either to get your opinion on something that needs to be done It’s an interactive process Then you see it when the first edit is ready followed by the final edit which has the background music and everything And then you go to the theatres and see it with the audience But I can’t really view it the same way as maybe you would view my film I don’t have that luxury because I have viewed it at different stages so my perspective of it can never be that of somebody who watches a finished product for the first time I can never watch my own films and enjoy it the way I go into a theatre and enjoy someone else’s film It’s like the difference between the guy creating music and the one who is listening to it Do you ever get upset if your family and friends tell you something about what they didn’t like in your film No they are very honest with me In the first five – six years that I worked I would get very emotional But now we share a more mature relationship and we can sit down to discuss things If I say I don’t like what you are saying it’s not going to change the fact that the individual hasn’t liked the film Most times they have said good things We are grown up enough now to view things like that and usually my family is extremely supportive and says good things My dad is a little limited with his praise but he is also at the end of the day a father He is very loving and encouraging But they might sit down and say they don’t agree with my choice of films What is the most lavish praise that has come your way from any of your family members This is a very timely question (smiles) After my dad saw Haider (it was in the edit) we were chatting at home and I asked him if I was falling short of in any scene as an actor He kept staring at me and couldn’t come up with anything If my Dad thinks that I didn’t miss out on anything how good or bad I was will be decided when people see the film then that for me is the biggest compliment He just spent five minutes looked around turned to me and said ‘you have got it all right’ I think that’s one of the most amazing things about being in the same profession as your father It’s also a lot of pressure and can be very painful because it’s the same job Your dad did it and you need to do it as well as him otherwise you are always compared In the midst of striving to be the best actor how is it that you have suddenly got this bad boy image Because I have been single for three years Nobody is in my bedroom to confirm and say (changes tone) ‘Hey I saw you I know what you are doing’ Everyone is just speculating things Everybody knows about the long term relationships that I have been in till about three years back Now I am not and so I get linked up with any female It’s very frustrating Imagine in 2014 if you are seen with a girl they say you are dating her Why You and me might be sitting in a coffee shop and people will think we are dating That’s just not right Yes I am single and will keep meeting people but that doesn’t mean I have hidden the fact that I am in a relationship I haven’t ever done that I don’t think it’s something to be ashamed about There are so many people that you interact with be it a co-star friend or acquaintance and they might be in a relationship with someone and might be answerable to them I have a family who reads such stories everyday It’s really embarrassing But I am not going to be under house arrest just because people will write things about me I need to stay connected with who I am otherwise I will lose myself So I will step out go to the club enjoy a dinner watch a film or drive once in a while chill at a friend’s house That’s how everyone unwinds when they are free and why should it be any different for me Any particular character that you would like to essay on screen I would love to play Joker from Batman I want somebody to cast me as a character who is simply bad without any explanation Usually our heroes like playing roles where there needs to be a strong justification about the reason why you are bad Some people are just bad So I would like to play a role like that Musicjunkie Shahid recently got a music mixer for himself and confessed that he wants to learn more about DJing He loves music and asserts that it is an important part of his life He mentioned that he was the only guy in the entire college who would walk around with plug-in headphones and a discman tied to the belt with ten CDs to keep changing music Currently he is interested in music genres like deep house techno among others Readingmatters Shahid confessed that he doesn’t read a lot adding that it is one of his biggest problems He can watch anything in audio-visual format for hours and apart from films he loves watching documentaries and other useful videos The actor has just read just five – six books and none of them belonged to the fiction genre While stating that he reads newspapers and online articles Shahid added that he enjoys reading Screen as well Tweetingaway Shahid was quizzed about a popular hashtag that he is often seen using which is called Typo Tuesday on Twitter He mentioned that it was a friend’s idea who joked how the actor had made many typos in his tweets? 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