first_imgThe Australian Open sides have been announced for the All Nations tournament in October 2005. Congratulations to all of those who have been selected. The All Nations will be an incredibly tough tournament, facing up against several different countries, including number one rival New Zealand. The tournament will also be good preparation for the 2006 Trans Tasman series against the Kiwi’s and the 2007 World Cup in South Africa. WOMENS OPEN: Bo de la Cruz (NSW) Sharlene Harriman (NSW) Rachael Holden (NSW) Amanda Judd (NSW) Kristy Judd (NSW) Stacey Lapham (NSW) Shelley Matcham (WA) Melissa Pitfield (NSW) Peta Rogerson (Qld) Sharyn Williams (Qld) Claire Winchester (NSW) Louise Winchester (NSW) Roxy Winder (Qld) Kelly Woods (NSW) Kerry Norman (Coach) Dean Russell (Assistant Coach) Renee Murphy (Manager) MENS OPEN: Matt Curran (ACT) Drumayne Dayberg-Muir (Qld) Ash Farrow (Qld) Chris Farrow (Qld) Phillip Gyemore (Qld) Scott Mitchell (NSW) Ben Roberts (Qld) Ben Robinson (Qld) Gavin Shuker (Qld) Garry Sonda (NSW) Jason Stanton (NSW) Peter Stoddart (NSW) Jamie Stowe (NSW) Anthony Ziade (NSW) Tony Trad (Coach) Wayne Bambury (Assistant Coach) Gary Rose (Manager) MIXED OPEN: Ricki Best (Qld) Amy Fong (Qld) Belinda Grech (NSW) Dominique Maher (NSW) Ben McCullen (Qld) Teena McIlveen (Qld) Justin Mitchell (Qld) Stephanie Sorrensen (NSW) Mary Steele (Qld) Matthew Tope (NSW) Dean Wilbow (NSW) Daniel Rushworth (NSW) Nathan Jones (Qld) Jarod Tump (Qld) Gary Madders (Coach) Bernie Morrison (Assistant Coach) Andrea Walters (Manager)last_img

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