ICC Champions Trophy: How Rohit, Kohli destroyed Bangladesh in semi-finals

first_imgIndia Innings:An enthralling batting display from India and they couldn’t have won more convincingly to reach the finals of the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy. The intent was evident in both the openers, Shikhar Dhawan and Rohit Sharma who looked in good touch right from the beginning. They kept punishing the loose balls and didn’t let the Bangladeshi bowlers to settle down. The southpaw missed out on a fifty but he became the leading run-scorer in this year’s tournament. (SCORECARD)21.40 IST: INDIA WIN BY 9 WICKETS WITH 59 BALLS TO SPARE! A comprehensive victory for the Men in Blue and they enter the finals. Tossed up outside off, Kohli drills it through covers and the ball races to the fence. The joy on his face is evident and he punches the air in delight. Goes across to Sharma and gives him a hug. 21.34 IST: 8000 runs for Virat Kohli in ODIs. Fullish delivery, eased through mid off for a single.21.30 IST: FOUR! Easy pickings! Angling into pads, Kohli gets a tickle on it and sends the ball across to the fine leg fence.21.27 IST: FOUR! India are racing towards the target with some authority! Dug in short on middle, Sharma as usual keeps his weight on the front foot and pulls it over square leg to find the ropes.21.26 IST: FOUR! Slashes and slashes hard! Shortish and width on offer, Kohli cuts it over backward point and the ball crosses the boundary on one bounce.India fans at Edgbaston are getting a treat with this @ImRo45/@imVkohli partnership! #BANvIND #CT17 pic.twitter.com/XFQIfmS1yKadvertisement- ICC (@ICC) 15 June 201721.22 IST: FOUR! Exquisite! Fractionally overpitched outside off, Rohit creams it through mid off for a gorgeous boundary. He is so easy on the eye when in full flow.21.13 IST: CENTURY! Rohit Sharma reaches his 11th hundred in ODIs with a six. Bouncer on leg stump, Rohit goes for the pull and connects well. Gets it fine towards fine leg as the fielder runs to his right. However, he is far away from the ball and even the desperate dive from him comes to no effect as the ball goes to the fence. The umpires check for it and the replays show that it has hit the boundary cushions on the full. India 212/1 (33 overs) vs Bangladesh 264/7KOHLI, KOHLI, KOHLI!Safe to say India fans enjoyed @imVkohli’s 50!#BANvIND #CT17 pic.twitter.com/lIhheYSd5l- ICC (@ICC) 15 June 201721.10 IST: FOUR! Kohli is in the zone! Length delivery around off, Virat strokes it uppishly through mid off and the ball whistles away to the ropes.21.05 IST: FOUR! What a shot! Fullish outside off, Kohli stays leg side of the ball and drills it through covers for a rocketing boundary.21.04 IST: FOUR! Poor delivery and duly punished! Short delivery on leg stump, Sharma pulls it through square leg for a boundary.Has to be the best chasing ODI Batsmen of all time @imVkohli !!!! #JustSaying #INDvBAN- Michael Vaughan (@MichaelVaughan) 15 June 2017Jet lag is good for one thing! Supporting your mates @ImRo45 – solid bro solid! #ct17 pic.twitter.com/jzx0zLtCKG- Mitchell McClenaghan (@Mitch_Savage) 15 June 201721.00 IST: 100-run stand up between Kohli and Sharma. Shakib floats it on off, Kohli drives it through mid-off for a run.20.59 IST: FIFTY! Virat Kohli reaches his 42nd ODI fifty with a four. Short ball outside off, Kohli drags it through mid on for a boundary. It also brings up the Indian skipper’s fifty. It has been a very fluent innings by him. India 185/1 (29 overs) vs Bangladesh 264/7Less than 100 needed now for India with 9 wickets and 24 overs remaining – is there a twist in the tale to come? #BANvIND #CT17 pic.twitter.com/6b5XF8E0hF- ICC (@ICC) 15 June 201720.45 IST: FOUR! ELEGANT DRIVE! Full ball outside off, kohli drives it through covers for a boundary. He has been timing the ball extremly well since the time he has arrived.20.37 IST: FOUR! Back-to-back boundaries for Rohit. This time to the other side of point. Short and outside off, Rohit cuts it to the right of point and the ball races away to the fence.20.36 IST: FOUR! It is raining boundaries. A tad short outside off, Rohit just cuts through backward point for a boundary.20.28 IST: FOUR! This is even better. Full and angling away outside off, Kohli leans into it and drives it through covers for another boundary. Back-to-back boundaries for Kohli.20.28 IST: FOUR! TYPICAL KOHLI! Full ball on middle, he just whips it through mid-wicket for a boundary.Look who was at the Champions Corner at Edgbaston today – #CT17 Champion Ambassador @Ian_Bell! pic.twitter.com/EDNI2QAk46advertisement- ICC (@ICC) 15 June 201720.23 IST: FOUR! That had class written all over it! Fractionally overpitched on off, Kohli extends his arms and drives it gloriously past the bowler for a boundary.20.18 IST: FOUR! Streaky runs! Back of a length outside off and room on offer, Rohit looks to punch it square of the wicket but gets an outside edge through the slip region for a boundary. 12 of the over.20.17 IST: FOUR! That was played with authority! Short on middle, Sharma pulls it hard through square leg. The fielder in the deep has no chance to stop it.FIFTY! @ImRo45 gets his 32nd half-century in ODIs! #BANvIND #CT17 pic.twitter.com/oxCOCk5BQH- ICC (@ICC) 15 June 201720.03 IST: FIFTY! Rohit Sharma slams his 32nd ODI fifty. Rohit eases the fullish delivery past the bowler for a run. A well-composed knock and he is looking ominous. India 96/1 (15.3 overs) vs Bangladesh 264/720.02 IST: FOUR! Well played! Fullish outside off, Sharma strokes it elegantly through cover-point to find the fence.20.02 IST: FOUR! Sloppy from the Bangladesh skipper. Tossed up outside off, Sharma drives it towards Mortaza at point who makes a mess of it to concede a boundary.19.58 IST: WICKET! Shikhar Dhawan falls short of fifty as India lose their first wicket. Mortaza strikes! He bowls a fuller length ball outside off, it’s slower in pace as well. Dhawan gives himself room, comes down the track and swings across the line. Poor choice of shot and he ends up getting a leading edge which lobs towards Mosaddek Hossain at point. He makes no mistake and pouches it safely. India 87/1 (14.4 overs) vs Bangladesh 264/719.57 IST: FOUR! Shot! Dug in short, angling in. Dhawan pulls it through square leg to find the fence. Moves to 46 with that.Reuters Photo 19.50 IST: Time for spin. Shakib Al Hasan comes into the attack. India are running away with the show. Can he provide the crucial breakthrough?India are looking comfortable thanks to @ImRo45 and @SDhawan25! #BANvIND #CT17WATCH: https://t.co/ELnYIdIBL4 pic.twitter.com/GxbruKygae- ICC (@ICC) 15 June 201719.42 IST: FOUR! Easy pickings! Straying on the hips, Dhawan tickles it through fine leg and beats the man in the deep to pick up a boundary.A strong start for India, with both openers on fire getting them to 63/0 at the end of the first powerplay #BANvIND #CT17 pic.twitter.com/9eoYd6r0dM- ICC (@ICC) 15 June 2017AP Photo 19.26 IST: SIX! BANG! This is even better. Short ball outside off, Dhawan pulls it with power over the square leg fence for a maximum. 16 runs off the over.19.25 IST: FOUR! This one is through the on side. Short ball on leg stump, Dhawan just pulls it through square leg for a boundary.19.24 IST: FOUR! WHAT TIMING! Hurls it on a length outside off, Dhawan punches it onto the ground and the ball bounces over the point fielder for a boundary. He is in some form.Looking good at the half way mark of the match… bowlers have done a fantastic job once again in this tournament ??????#INDvBAN #CT17advertisement- zaheer khan (@ImZaheer) 15 June 201719.20 IST: FOUR! EFFORTLESS! Lands it on a length on middle, Rohit just picks it up over mid on for a boundary. It looks so easy when he plays it.19.17 IST: FOUR! That has been pulled with authority. Short on the leg stump, Dhawan pulls it behind square leg for a boundary. India are off to a great start here.19.10 IST: FOUR! LOVELY WRIST WORK! Length ball on middle, Sharma just times it through the vacant mid-wicket region for another boundary.19.04 IST: FOUR! Too full this time, outside off. Rohit leans into it and drives it through cover point to the fence.18.56 IST: FOUR! Short and wide outside off, Dhawan cuts it through point for another boundary. Back-to-back boundaries in the over.18.56 IST: FOUR! BEAUTIFULLY TIMED! Length offered, little bit of width. Dhawan pushes it past the diving cover-point fielder for a boundary. He is underway.It’s a superb sell-out crowd today at Edgbaston! #BANvIND #CT17 pic.twitter.com/M7jRZRvshm- ICC (@ICC) 15 June 201718.50 IST: We are back for the chase. Shikhar Dhawan and Rohit Sharma to open the batting for India. Bangladesh begin the proceedings with Mashrafe Mortaza. A slip in place.Bangladesh Innings:18.25 IST: India made an excellent comeback with the ball in the middle overs. Kedar Jadhav and Ravindra Jadeja picked crucial wickets and stopped the run flow. Bhuvneshwar Kumar was good upfront and Jasprit Bumrah was on the money in the death overs. The Men in Blue would fancy themselves to chase this target down on a very good wicket. However, the Bangla Tigers will give it their all to build pressure on the famed Indian batting line-up. Join us for the chase in a while.18.24 IST: So, Bangladesh have crawled their way to a decent total, courtesy of their captain Mashrafe Mortaza who played a handy knock along with the tail towards the end. They recovered well after losing two early wickets. Tamim Iqbal and Mushfiqur Rahim were going great guns in the middle as they stitched a partnership of 123. However, after the departure of the southpaw, they lost their way as wickets kept on falling. Bangladesh would have liked to have 300 on the board but fell short.18.22 IST: BANGLADESH FINISH ON 264/7. So, Bangladesh have crawled their way to a decent total, courtesy of their captain Mashrafe Mortaza who played a handy knock with the tail towards the end. They recovered well after losing two early wicket when Tamim Iqbal and Mushfiqur Rahim were going great guns.18.18 IST: Bhuvneshwar Kumar is having a bit of issue with his ankle. He twisted his ankle while landing to bowl the delivery.48.2: J Bumrah to M Mortaza (26), 4 runs, 256/7 https://t.co/TjtIVYE9wx #BanvInd #CT17 #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) 15 June 201718.12 IST: FOUR! Streaky boundary! Short delivery, risiing up on Mortaza. He goes for the pull but gets a top edge over Dhoni and the ball rolls to the fine leg fence.18.10 IST: FOUR! Fortune favours the brave! Low full toss on off, Ahmed swings hard at it but gets an outside edge past the keeper for a boundary.18.04 IST: FOUR! Not a pretty shot but he gets the desired result! The skipper moves around the crease to unsettle Bumrah. However, the pacer bowls it fullish on off. Mortaza manages to get a thick inside edge which goes past Dhoni for a boundary.Semi Final 2. 45.4: B Kumar to M Mortaza (12), 4 runs, 235/7 https://t.co/TjtIVYE9wx #BanvInd #CT17 #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) 15 June 201717.57 IST: WICKET! Jasprit Bumrah strikes again. Mahmudullah makes room and Bumrah keeps it straight and full on off. The batsman looks to jam it out towards point but misses it completely to get his stumps rattled. India continue to dominate. Bangladesh 229/7 (45 overs) vs India 17.53 IST: FOUR! That was hit with authority! Dug in short around off, Mortaza nails the pull through mid-wicket for a rocketing boundary. Bangladesh 225/6 (43.4 overs) vs India17.46 IST: WICKET! Jasprit Bumrah removes Mosaddek. The short ball ploy works for Bumrah! India are on top now. He bowls a shortish delivery outside off as he sees Hossain using his feet. The young man still goes through with his pull shot although he is in an awkward position. Ends up getting it from the splice of the bat beside the pitch on the off side. Bumrah takes it safely in his followthrough. The defending champions are ecstatic. Bangladesh 218/6 (42.3 overs) vs India17.42 IST: FOUR! Nice improvisation! Tossed up on off, Mahmudullah goes for the fancy reverse sweep and connects well. Gets it over the man at short third man for a boundary.17.40 IST: FOUR! Fuller in length on middle, Hossain stays leg side of the ball and drills it through extra cover for a boundary.17.29 IST: DROPPED! Ravichandran Ashwin drops Mahmudullah on 4 off Hardik Pandya. That should have been taken. Pandya bowls it short outside off, Mahmudullah goes for the upper cut, he hits it in the air to the left of Ashwin who makes good ground and gets two hands on it but drops it. To add to it the ball rolls to the boundary. Kohli is not happy there. Bangladesh 195/5 (38.3 overs) vs India17.22 IST: FOUR! Short and width on offer. Hossain slaps it towards backward point. The fielder dives to his left but fails to stop it. The young man earns a boundary for himself.?? Just why is @ShaneWarne wearing an @englandcricket [email protected] is to blame! #BANvIND #CT17 pic.twitter.com/fcfV009kEs- ICC (@ICC) 15 June 201717.18 IST: WICKET! Jadhav is making an impact with the ball. He tosses it up, Mushfiqur Rahim comes down the track and takes it on the full and goes for a heave but hits it straight to Kohli at short mid-wicket who takes a good low catch. Bangladesh have lost two in two overs. India have fought back into the game. Both the set batsman are back into the hut. Bangladesh 179/5 (35.2 overs) vs India17.13 IST: WICKET! Ravindra Jadeja removes Shakib Al Hasan. Drags his length outside off, turns in a touch, Shakib goes for the cut but gets it off the toe end of the bat to Dhoni who takes a good catch. Bangladesh are losing their way here. They have lost their fourth. Jadeja is all pumped. He gets his first. Bangladesh 177/4 (34.1 overs) vs India32.1: R Jadeja to S Al Hasan (12), 4 runs, 171/3 https://t.co/TjtIVYE9wx #BanvInd #CT17 #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) 15 June 201730 overs down and Bangladesh are 161/3. How do you see the rest of the innings going? #BANvIND #CT17LIVE: https://t.co/2NnsLECbUt pic.twitter.com/IuH4aTtOSq- ICC (@ICC) 15 June 201716.56 IST: Kedar to Tamim, OUT! Bowled ’em! Lands it on a length around off, coming in with the arm. Iqbal kneels, goes for the slog sweep but misses it completely to see the furniture behind him shattered. Pressure was building and it has resulted in a wicket. A good knock from Iqbal comes to an end. Important breakthrough for India. BAN 154/3 in 28 oversAP PhotoWICKET! Kedar Jadhav breaks the partnership, and it’s the danger man Tamim Iqbal who has gone, bowled! Bangladesh 154/3 #BANvIND #CT17 pic.twitter.com/vK5jlcjWd8- ICC (@ICC) June 15, 201716.53 IST: Jadeja to Mushfiqur, takes a single to complete his half-century, 26th ODI fifty. BAN 150/2 in 26.2 overs 16.47 IST: Bangladesh 142/2 in 25 overs. Tamim 66*, Mushfiqur 46*. Stand – 110 off 111 balls16.42 IST: 100-run partnership up between Tamim (63*) and Mushfiqur (39*). BAN132/2 in 23.1 ovs(AP Photo)16.41 IST: India need to find a way to stem the flow of runs. BAN 130/2 in 23 overs 16.34 IST: FOUR! Nice improvisation! Tossed up on middle and leg, Rahim premeditates and executes his reverse sweep well. Gets it over the backward point fielder for a boundary.16.30 IST IST: FIFTY! Tamim Iqbal reaches 38th ODI half-century. Just over short third man. Bowls it on off, Tamim goes for a reverse sweep but gets a top edge which goes just over Bumrah at backward point for a boundary. Brings his 50 up a very good knock by Tamim. He has had his luck but you can take nothing away from his innings. He is now also the leading the run scorer of the tournament.FIFTY! @TamimOfficial28’s fine tournament form continues with another half-century! #BANvIND #CT17 pic.twitter.com/5HUKZRdtdE- ICC (@ICC) June 15, 201716.21 IST: Time for Drinks! 10 runs came off that over from Hardik. BAN 90/2 in 17 overs. Tamim 41*, Mushfiqur 19*16.19 IST: Hardik to Tamim, SIX! BANG! That is going, going and gone. Tamim comes down the track and just picks it over deep mid-wicket for maximum. That was a brilliant pick up shot. The first big hit of the match. BAN 89/2 in 16.3 oversSemi Final 2. 16.3: H Pandya to T Iqbal (40), 6 runs, 88/2 https://t.co/TjtIVYE9wx #BanvInd #CT17 #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) June 15, 201716.16 IST: Ashwin to Tamim, FOUR! DEFT TOUCH! Bowls it outside off, Tamim just guides it past the short third man fielder for a boundary. These two are tickling along well here.Semi Final 2. 15.5: R Ashwin to T Iqbal (32), 4 runs, 79/2 https://t.co/TjtIVYE9wx #BanvInd #CT17 #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) June 15, 201716.10 IST: Bangladesh 66/2 in 14 overs. Tamim 23*, Mushfiqur 14*. Stand – 35 off 45 balls16.06 IST: Hardik to Tamim, FOUR! HE does make full use of this one. Pandya bowls it full and Iqbal smashes it straight back past the bowler for a boundary.16.05 IST: Hardik to Tamim, BOWLED! No it’s a No-Ball! He has bowled him of a no ball. Tamim survives and Hardik cannot believe it. He doles it on a length outside off, Tamim goes for the pull but gets an inside edge onto the stumps but the umpire calls a no ball.16.00 IST: Bhuvneshwar and Ashwin have slipped in a couple of quiet overs. BAN 49/2 in 12 oversBangladesh- Sarkar to nipat gayi .Well bowled Bhuvi#INDvBAN #CT17- Virender Sehwag (@virendersehwag) June 15, 201715.52 IST: End of the first powerplay! Bangladesh 46/2 in 10 overs. Tamim 10*, Mushfiqur 12*????????#BANvIND #CT17 pic.twitter.com/moKF8MuRt6- ICC (@ICC) June 15, 201715.48 IST: Bhuvi to Mushfiqur, FOUR! Make it three in a row! Shortish and room on offer, Rahim slaps it through point to fine the fence once again. Shot of the day so far says Ganguly on air. 13 from the over.15.47 IST: Bhuvi to Mushfiqur, FOUR! Exquisite! Fractionally overpitched outside off, Rahim creams it through extra cover for a gorgeous boundary.15.47 IST: Bhuvi to Mushfiqur, FOUR! Streaky boundary! That was a close shave as well. Back of a length delivery outside off, Rahim uses his feet and looks to force it through the off side but gets a thick inside edge which goes past the stumps, beats the keeper and rolls to the fine leg fence.15.40 IST: Bhuvneshwar to Sabbir, OUT! Rahman departs in search to up the ante! Shortish delivery and width on offer, Rahman looks to cash in on the width. Slaps it uppishly towards Jadeja at backward point but doesn’t bother to keep it down. It goes straight to the best fielder of the Indian side and he makes no mistake. Kumar is pumped up and so is Virat Kohli! BAN 31/2 in 6.5 overs WICKET! 13 dot balls in a row, then Bhuvi gets his second! Sabbir Rahman is caught by Jadeja! Bangladesh 31/2 #BANvIND #CT17 pic.twitter.com/IG4eJJ3M2Z- ICC (@ICC) June 15, 201715.35 IST: Bumrah fights back with a maiden over, the first of the match. BAN 31/1 in 6 oversNot the start Bangladesh wanted or needed – Soumya Sarkar chopped on for a duck! #BANvIND #CT17?? WATCH: https://t.co/N8hfIlbgrq pic.twitter.com/662Eoajzn4- ICC (@ICC) June 15, 201715.30 IST: Bhuvi to Tamim, FOUR! Streaky runs! On a length on the pads, Iqbal looks to nudge it early and ends up getting an outside edge past the slip region. Another boundary results. BAN 31/1 in 5 oversSemi Final 2. 4.2: B Kumar to T Iqbal (10), 4 runs, 30/1 https://t.co/TjtIVYE9wx #BanvInd #CT17 #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) June 15, 201715.28 IST: Bumrah to Sabbir, FOUR! The aggressive ploy is working for Rahman at the moment. Comes down the track to the fuller length ball on off and hits it over Kohli at mid off for a boundary. The bat turned a bit in his hand but he managed to get enough on it.Semi Final 2. 3.5: J Bumrah to S Rahman (19), 4 runs, 26/1 https://t.co/TjtIVYE9wx #BanvInd #CT17 #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) June 15, 201715.22 IST: Bhuvi to Sabbir, FOUR! Shot! Fuller length ball outside off, Rahman strokes it through cover-point and gets the desired result. Good positive start from Rahman.Semi Final 2. 2.6: B Kumar to S Rahman (15), 4 runs, 21/1 https://t.co/TjtIVYE9wx #BanvInd #CT17 #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) June 15, 201715.22 IST: Bhuvi to Sabbir, FOUR! Intent from Rahman! On a length outside off, Rahman charges down the track and lifts it over wide mid off for a boundary.Semi Final 2. 2.6: B Kumar to S Rahman (15), 4 runs, 21/1 https://t.co/TjtIVYE9wx #BanvInd #CT17 #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) June 15, 201715.17 IST: Bumrah to Sabbir, FOUR! Beautifully played! Fuller length ball outside off, Rahman drives it elegantly through cover-point and the ball whistles away to the fence. BAN 11/1 in 2 overs15.16 IST: Bumrah to Tamim, FOUR! Easy pickings! Straying on the hips, Iqbal turns it through fine leg. Yuvraj runs to his left, puts in a dive but fails to stop the boundary.15.15 IST: Bhuvi to Soumya, BOWLED! Kumar gets the better of Soumya Sarkar! Lures him into a false stroke and the veteran perishes. Just the start India needed. Bowls a length delivery around off, angling away. Sarkar goes for a booming drive but only manages to get a thick inside edge that crashes into the stumps. Played awayed from the body and pays the price for it. BAN 1/1 in 1 overWICKET! Bhuvneshwar breaks through in the first over! Soumya Sarkar chops on off the inside edge into his stumps! Ban 1/1! #BANvIND #CT17 pic.twitter.com/wCjqnSnsth- ICC (@ICC) June 15, 201715.12 IST: Tamim gets off the mark with a single off Bhuvneshwar. Pre-match updates:15.10 IST: Bhuvneshwar Kumar handed the new ball by Virat Kohli. 15.01 IST: The players are walking out.????v????Here come the teams, let’s go!#BANvIND #CT17 pic.twitter.com/84tI3j8Dr3- ICC (@ICC) June 15, 201714.58 IST: The game will start in some time.???? vs ???? #CT17 – The match will start at 1040 hrs (local time) #INDvBAN #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) June 15, 201714.41 IST: Both teams are unchanged, India: Rohit Sharma, Shikhar Dhawan, Virat Kohli(c), Yuvraj Singh, MS Dhoni(w), Hardik Pandya, Kedar Jadhav, Ravindra Jadeja, Ravichandran Ashwin, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Jasprit BumrahBangladesh: Tamim Iqbal, Soumya Sarkar, Sabbir Rahman, Mushfiqur Rahim(w), Shakib Al Hasan, Mahmudullah, Mosaddek Hossain, Mashrafe Mortaza(c), Taskin Ahmed, Rubel Hossain, Mustafizur RahmanThe team sheets are in! Both sides are unchanged! #BANvIND pic.twitter.com/N7cylocjMQ- ICC (@ICC) June 15, 2017 14.36 IST: TOSS! Virat Kohli wins the toss, India will bowl first against Bangladesh at Edgbaston. Both teams are unchanged for this game.The team sheets are in! Both sides are unchanged! #BANvIND pic.twitter.com/N7cylocjMQ- ICC (@ICC) June 15, 201714.34 IST: Toss between India and Bangladesh second semi-final delayed due to rain.14.27 IST:  A light drizzle just as the toss is about to take place.14.24 IST: The players going through the paces for one last time before the toss. The teams have been getting warmed up, not long until the toss! #BANvIND #CT17 pic.twitter.com/k6NRipF7Gb- ICC (@ICC) June 15, 201714.22 IST: Message from the big man himself himself before the match.  300th game ! I’m sure my parents ,gurus,friends and well wishers will be proud of me today how far I have come with my battles in life ????????- yuvraj singh (@YUVSTRONG12) June 14, 201714.10 IST: The man of the hour, Yuvraj Singh!??? A special presentation for @YUVSTRONG12 ahead of his 300th ODI for ????#BANvIND #CT17 pic.twitter.com/n6Noy5elp9- ICC (@ICC) June 15, 201714.08 IST: The practice sessions are over, time for talking is over, action begin shortly.Indian and Bangladesh have been training hard ahead of today’s semi-final clash – Champions #SweatMore! @gatoradeindia #CT17 #BANvIND pic.twitter.com/OoacfmvGhh- ICC (@ICC) June 15, 201713.40 IST: Hopefully the weather will stay like this throughout the match. Fingers crossed!The glorious Edgbaston, Birmingham..Established in 1882 and the first ever Test match was played here in 1902..#INDvBAN #CT17 semi-final pic.twitter.com/mE0tbzI4We- Mohandas Menon (@mohanstatsman) June 15, 201713.40 IST: The Indian team is making its way into the stadium now.???? India have arrived at @edgbaston for today’s #CT17 semi-final! #BANvIND pic.twitter.com/eIQttPJg52- ICC (@ICC) June 15, 201713.35 IST: Sachin Tendulkar rates India’s performance in the tournament so far.How has the legend of the game @sachin_rt rated India’s performances so far in the #CT17? Watch to hear his views! ???? pic.twitter.com/vFv9EQ12dD- ICC (@ICC) June 15, 201713.35 IST: Who do you think will face Pakistan in the summit clash?It’s #BANvIND gameday!Who joins Pakistan in the #CT17 final?RT – Bangladesh?? – India pic.twitter.com/B9fseKfCEf- ICC (@ICC) June 15, 201713.30 IST: Yuvraj will become only the fifth Indian cricketer after Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly, Rahul Dravid and Mohammad Azharuddin to play 300 one-day internationals.Never give up, never back down??. It’s a special day for @YUVSTRONG12 as he celebrates his 300th ODI! https://t.co/8jT1N0nE0H #BANvIND #CT17 pic.twitter.com/wctD4qAMmk- ICC (@ICC) June 15, 201714.00 IST: Yuvraj Singh speaks ahead of his 300th ODI game.Time for ODI No.300 – Here’s @YUVSTRONG12 speaking about his landmark ahead of the semi-final against Bangladesh #CT17 #TeamIndia pic.twitter.com/S6Z8gkvVJn- BCCI (@BCCI) June 14, 2017Brief Preview:Defending champions India will aim to live up to their tag of title contenders and dominate Bangladesh in the second semi-final of the Champions Trophy cricket tournament here on Thursday.Bangladesh rode on a record partnership between Shakib Al Hasan and Mahmadullah to beat New Zealand by five wickets in their last match in Group A.The South Asians had sufferred a top order collapse, losing four wickets by the 12th over before Shakib and Mahmadullah got together to add 224 runs between them — Bangladesh’s highest partnership in One-Day Internationals (ODI).Apart from scoring a brilliant century, Shakib also bowled economically. Mahmudallah will also look to add strength to the side’s batting while openers Tamim Iqbal and Soumya Sarkar will have to give the team a good start against India.Pacer Mustafizur Rahman will be the key in the Bangladesh bowling line-up. He has featured in the Indian Premier League (IPL) and should have some idea of the strengths and weaknesses of the Indian batsmen.The Bangladesh bowling line-up featuring the likes of pacers Taskin Ahmed, Rubel Hossain and Mashrafe Mortaza alongside spinners Shakib and Mosaddek Hossain will aim to test the Indian batsman with their pace and variation.Meanwhile India, led by skipper Virat Kohli will look to play ruthlessly and dominate Bangladesh right from the start.The Indian batting has done well in most of their group matches and will aim to continue their good form.Openers Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan have done well so far and could pose all sorts of problems for the Bangladesh bolwers. Dhawan is the top scorer of the tournament with 271 runs in three matches.Besides the openers, Kohli, Yuvraj Singh and Mahendra Singh Dhoni have been in good nick and have the capibility to snatch the match away from Bangladesh on their own with individual performances.The Indian bowling department is also balanced with frontline pacers Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Jasprit Bumrah and Umesh Yadav alongside spinners Ravichandran Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja. Medium-pacer Hardik Pandya will also look to provide breakthroughs in the middle-overs.last_img

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