first_imgDeclan Reed finally made it to the top of the pile at a windy Buncrana 5K on Wednesday night, notching his first win at the Inishowen venue.He was ahead by just three seconds from Spartans club mate Greg Roberts, 15m 10s to 15m 13s, with Finn Valley’s Barry Harron claiming third on 15m 27s.Natasha Adams of Letterkenny AC belied the conditions with an emphatic winning time of 16m 37s ahead of the Spartans duo Catherine Whoriskey who posted a 17m 48s PB and Jackie McMonagle on a gutsy 18m 57s.Close to 200 finishers were recorded at the popular 5K sponsored as ever by Sean Furey Insurances with runners from all the NW clubs joined on the start line by visitors from North Belfast Harriers, Ballymena Runners, Ballydrain Harriers, Springwell, Dromore and Lagan Valley among others.Reed was pushed all the way by club mate Roberts and only got away inside the final kilometre but he was delighted to add his name to the distinguished winners list at the prestigious Buncrana race. The swirling wind made really quick times difficult but the duel between the leading pair kept the spectators happy and Roberts fine run, just days before he toes the line in Sunday’s Walled City Marathon may raise expectations of the Spartan as he prepares to mix it with the Kenyan runners at the weekend.Natasha Adams ran just two seconds slower than her 2014 time, a brilliant effort in Wednesday’s conditions. She took full advantage of the absence of Teresa Doherty and Anne Marie McGlynn to post a very impressive win and demonstrate once again her genuine talent. Catherine Whoriskey smashed her PB , going under 18 minutes for the first time to announce her return to the big time podiums. Jackie McMonagle too had a good one and was very happy to claim a notable third place finish, her best ever in this race.AGE GROUP WINNERSLetterkenny’s Jane McGinley , fourth female finisher, was the top F35; Karen Cutliffe and Claire Connor of the Spartans were top F40 and F50 respectively; Ballydrain Harrier Debbie Matchett took the F45 award and Foyle Valley’s Catherine Moran and Dromore’s Mary Mackin grabbed the F55 and F60 wins. in the Male age groups Foyle Valley’s Roy McGilloway impressed again finishing just outside the top ten with a terrific 16m 08s,; Letterkenny’s Ivan Toner was the M35 winner and the Spartans pair of Dermot McElhinney and Colin Roberts topped the M40 and M45 categories. Newcomer McElhinney impressed many with a big PB of 16m 07s and could be one to watch.Two locals Tony Grant of Foyle Valley and the Spartans Peter Lilburn were the leading M55 and M60, Lilburn’s 19m 11s a good run. Two visitors Brian McKee, unattached, and Lagan Valley’s Desmond Brownlee took the M50 and M65 prizes and in the four to score team races Letterkenny pipped the City of Derry quartet of Catherine Whoriskey, Jackie McMonagle, Sarah Kivelehan who ran a 19m 17s PB and Janeen Leese. The male Spartans however did the business as Declan reed, Greg Roberts , Dermot McElhinney and Colin Roberts combined for the win ahead of Finn Valley.Place BIB Name Club Category Finish Time1 398 Declan Reed City of Derry Spartans M40 15:10.872 362 Greg Roberts City of Derry Spartans MO 15:13.533 418 Barry Harron Finn Valley M35 15:27.884 312 Martin Cox Project Africa MO 15:35.105 346 Chris McGuiness Foyle Valley AC MO 15:43.116 365 Ivan Toner Letterkenny AC M35 15:44.647 348 Mark McKinstry North Belfast harriers MO 15:53.328 305 Pauric Breslin Letterkenny AC MO 16:05.089 380 Dermot McElhinney City of Derry Spartans M40 16:07.7810 462 Ciaran McGonagle Rosses AC M35 16:08.4611 415 Roy McGilloway Foyle Valley AC MJ 16:08.5712 478 Michael Bennett Ballymena Runners M40 16:10.4513 376 Colin Roberts City of Derry Spartans M45 16:24.8514 443 Shane McNulty Finn Valley M35 16:27.4915 358 Michael Murphy City of Derry Spartans M35 16:29.8016 395 Malcolm McGee Inishowen AC M35 16:32.2317 442 Dermot McElchar Finn Valley M35 16:32.9718 301 Natasha Adams Letterkenny AC FO 16:37.5719 391 Odhran McKane City of Derry Spartans MJ 16:45.4420 479 Kevin Oboyle Braid M35 16:47.4321 450 Kieron McElinney Finn Valley MO 16:51.3322 333 Paul Kelly Lifford AC MO 16:56.0323 489 Raymond Birch Letterkenny AC M35 16:56.4324 371 Brian McKee U/A M50 16:57.5925 307 Johnny Canning Foyle Valley AC MO 17:01.1426 490 Brian Ferry Letterkenny AC M35 17:04.5027 407 Colin McNulty Finn Valley M40 17:08.6428 488 Kevin Ferry Letterkenny AC M40 17:09.9529 477 Noel Connor Ballymena Runners M50 17:12.3630 384 David Porter Inishowen AC MO 17:16.0231 366 James Wallace North Belfast harriers M50 17:17.2732 341 Conor McDevitt U/A MO 17:22.6233 402 Terry Murphy U/A M40 17:27.6734 506 Paul Doherty 24/7 Tri M35 17:27.8935 390 Mark Murray NWTC MO 17:28.4236 487 Martin Dunlop Olympian MO 17:30.1537 374 Ethan McKnight U/A MJ 17:35.8038 309 John Conlon Letterkenny AC MO 17:36.2939 389 Derek Callaghan Finn Valley M35 17:38.5540 359 Darren Price Letterkenny AC M35 17:44.6041 411 David McMenamin Inishowen AC MO 17:48.5742 367 Catherine Whoriskey City of Derry Spartans FO 17:48.9443 327 Ben George Letterkenny AC M40 17:54.6244 360 Eddie Quigley City of Derry Spartans MO 17:55.3045 447 Conor Gallagher Lifford AC MO 17:57.4746 476 Max Wray Braid M45 18:00.2247 507 Adrian Kelly NWTC MO 18:04.0348 449 Thomas Doherty U/A M45 18:08.0049 414 Rodney Cambell Foyle Valley AC M40 18:10.8050 430 Shaun Boyce U/A MO 18:11.1051 470 Emmett Mullan NWTC MO 18:15.3552 480 Brian Doherty Milford M35 18:16.6253 323 Jarlath Fearon NWTC M50 18:16.7254 498 Martin Devenney 24/7 Tri MO 18:19.6555 425 Ronan Doherty Inishowen AC MO 18:19.6756 321 Philip Donaghey City of Derry Spartans M45 18:20.8357 304 Frankie Bradley Foyle Valley AC M35 18:21.0958 322 Martin Dunleavy Foyle Valley AC M45 18:24.4459 457 Paul McMonagle Letterkenny AC MO 18:24.8860 417 Conor Mclaughlin Lifford AC MO 18:25.0861 481 Christopher Crampsey City of Derry Spartans MJ 18:25.3562 452 Ciaran O`Donnell Letterkenny AC M45 18:26.2363 454 Alvaro San Miguel U/A MO 18:27.7364 302 Colin Apperley Fit N Running MO 18:29.6565 463 Brian Doherty U/A M35 18:30.7366 440 James Stevenson Lifford AC M35 18:34.8667 467 Jack Coyle Foyle Valley AC M35 18:36.0768 426 Robert Gallagher U/A M40 18:37.9769 377 Shaun Moore Inishowen AC M35 18:38.3870 455 Collie O`Donnell U/A M40 18:39.1471 497 Liam Murray U/A M35 18:42.5872 502 Sean Bradley U/A M35 18:48.2773 469 Paul McConnellogue NWTC M45 18:48.9674 503 Joe McDaid U/A MO 18:51.4375 500 Gerard McElhinney U/A M50 18:51.6876 313 Paul Coyle Foyle Valley AC M35 18:55.2277 352 Jacqueline McMonagle City of Derry Spartans F45 18:57.5378 308 Alan Clarke Foyle Valley AC F35 18:59.8979 368 Ronan Whoriskey Inishowen AC M40 19:02.0780 351 Martin McLucas U/A M45 19:06.5181 336 Peter Lilburn City of Derry Spartans M60 19:11.3782 423 Barry Mackey Letterkenny AC M50 19:12.7983 344 Jane McGinley Letterkenny AC F35 19:13.0784 433 Peter Middleton U/A MO 19:17.1285 334 Sarah Kivelehan City of Derry Spartans FO 19:17.7686 424 Michael Galvin Letterkenny AC M45 19:23.6587 375 Debbie Matchett Ballydrain Harriers F45 19:24.7088 448 Gerard Mullan Springwell RC M50 19:29.7689 458 Irene McFadden Letterkenny AC F35 19:29.8290 320 Gavin Doherty NWTC MO 19:31.8791 388 Darren Wallace Foyle Valley AC M35 19:32.4892 332 Raymond Hoynes Lifford AC M45 19:35.9293 428 Adrian Callaghan 24/7 Tri M40 19:40.0194 438 Mark Nolan Inishowen AC M40 19:41.5895 427 Liam Tinney Letterkenny AC M35 19:41.6496 329 Tommy Harraghy U/A M60 19:45.9997 453 Frances Judge Letterkenny AC F45 19:47.2298 361 Jack Quigley NWTC MO 19:49.6699 432 Katherine Woods Springwell RC FO 19:56.04100 408 Deirdre Shields U/A F35 19:56.63101 387 Michael Collins Inishowen AC M45 19:56.93102 493 `Charlie O`Donnell Letterkenny AC M35 19:57.75103 466 Daniel Doherty Inishowen AC MJ 20:02.67104 464 Evelyn McGinley Inishowen AC F35 20:03.63105 353 Niall McShane NWTC M40 20:04.30106 492 Terrance Diver U/A M45 20:11.03107 405 Diarmuid McKane NWTC MJ 20:20.30108 354 Conor McStravick Springwell RC M45 20:26.95109 484 Eoin Sheehy Milford M35 20:30.96110 401 Annalisa Mullan Bolt F35 20:32.89111 482 Sean Molloy Foyle Valley AC M40 20:36.23112 451 Damian Murphy Raphoe RR M35 20:37.17113 431 Karl Egan U/A MO 20:43.11114 340 Mark McClintock Foyle Valley AC M40 20:44.24115 328 Tony Grant Foyle Valley AC M55 20:45.82116 350 Bernard Mclaughlin Inishowen AC M35 20:46.07117 400 Marie Boyle Letterkenny AC FO 20:46.76118 468 Seamus McDaid U/A M40 20:47.82119 471 Adam Clarke NWTC MO 20:48.99120 456 Paul Sweeney U/A M40 20:49.59121 504 Naoise Enright Letterkenny AC M40 20:51.01122 421 Tony Gray NWTC M35 20:52.59123 335 Janeen Leese City of Derry Spartans FO 20:52.82124 394 Mikolaj Dudek U/A MJ 20:56.80125 393 Pawel Dudek U/A M40 21:01.45126 317 Aileen Doherty Inishowen AC FO 21:04.45127 461 Sharon McDaid Inishowen AC F35 21:08.20128 403 Gatis U/A MO 21:09.49129 325 Michael Gallagher Foyle Valley AC M50 21:10.34130 345 Lisa McGuigan Foyle Valley AC F35 21:13.94131 314 Karen Cutliffe City of Derry Spartans F40 21:16.23132 311 Claire Connor City of Derry Spartans F50 21:17.01133 303 Marion Boyle Foyle Valley AC F50 21:17.81134 310 Brendan Connor City of Derry Spartans M50 21:18.86135 306 Bridgeen Canavan City of Derry Spartans F45 21:21.99136 439 Andy McDermott U/A M45 21:30.72137 437 Hugh Gallagher Letterkenny AC M60 21:39.83138 485 Paul McNamee Lifford AC M50 21:44.79139 501 Michael Porter Illies Golden Gloves M35 21:46.06140 357 Catherine Moran Foyle Valley AC F55 21:50.60141 370 Mary Mackin Dromone AC F60 21:52.47142 356 Orla Moran Foyle Valley AC F40 21:53.87143 472 Coilean Melarkey NWTC MJ 21:56.21144 397 Seamus Carlin Buncrana ABC M35 22:00.70145 399 Richard Raymond Letterkenny AC M60 22:05.66146 434 Rachel Doherty Foyle Valley AC F40 22:08.33147 330 Hugh Hegarty Foyle Valley AC M45 22:12.83148 465 Ruth Doherty Inishowen AC F40 22:24.32149 378 Denis Kelly U/A M40 22:26.30150 382 Damien Downey Inishowen AC M45 22:26.90151 386 Breege Collins Inishowen AC F45 22:28.82152 381 John McCandless Inishowen AC M40 22:30.92153 331 Carmel Hoynes Lifford AC F40 22:34.03154 379 Eamon McCauley Foyle Valley AC MO 22:36.29155 491 Shaun ODonnell Swanilings M50 22:39.80156 338 Jacqueline McCann Bolt F35 22:42.13157 416 Mark Donaghey Lifford AC M40 22:43.09158 349 Joyce McKittrick Lifford AC F40 22:44.17159 318 Patsy Doherty Foyle Valley AC M50 23:07.97160 435 Kate Meehan Foyle Valley AC F50 23:28.98161 444 Stephanie Campbell U/A FO 23:33.74162 413 Gloria Donaghey Finn Valley F55 23:38.80163 412 Peter McKinnes Inishowen AC M55 23:40.59164 383 Raymond Lynch U/A M35 23:42.70165 436 Roisin McGinley Lifford AC F45 23:46.34166 483 Conor Gallagher Bolt MO 23:51.43167 406 Noel Cullen U/A M40 23:58.99168 429 Bridgeen Byrne City of Derry Spartans F50 24:05.45169 446 Mary T Gallagher U/A FO 24:18.27170 445 Liam Mclaughlin U/A M50 24:18.28171 404 Fergal Toland Reach M40 24:27.40172 337 Stephen McCafferty Foyle Valley AC M50 24:32.55173 460 Sean Doherty Melvin M40 24:34.49174 494 Kevin Fisher U/A MO 24:36.81175 495 Alicia Quigley Foyle Valley AC FO 24:36.99176 459 Aoife Quigley NWTC F35 24:51.80177 420 Andrea Furey City of Derry Spartans F35 25:03.91178 372 Kieron McCallion Inishowen AC M40 25:05.82179 369 Finnulala McCourt Lagan Valley F55 25:25.79180 473 Kian Morrison NWTC MJ 25:30.13181 486 Eamon Porter U/A MO 25:34.02182 474 Gavin Morrison NWTC M40 25:35.30183 422 Martina Gray Eglington RR F35 25:58.76184 441 Sharon Donaghey Eglington RR F40 25:58.90185 324 Colm Furey U/A M40 25:59.75186 505 Sharon O`Donnell Inishowen AC FO 27:12.59187 396 Dessie Kearney Inishowen AC M35 27:12.95188 419 Noel Mclaughlin Inishowen AC M40 28:01.41189 410 Marie Coyle Inishowen AC F45 28:03.96190 409 Mary Harkin Inishowen AC F40 28:04.33191 385 Desmond Brownlie Lagan Valley M65 29:39.03192 499 Eva McCloskey U/A FO 30:29.48ALMOST 200 TAKE PART IN 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