Canje family terrorised, robbed by gunmen

first_imgFive armed bandits assaulted a young couple after breaking into their East Canje, Berbice home, carting off cash, jewellery and other valuables in the wee hours of Wednesday morning.The window through which one of the bandits entered the homeNavindra SinghNavindra Singh, also called ‘Surish’, said it was the third attempt to get into his Bristol Street home over the past four days.Of the five masked men, one was armed with a gun and three with cutlasses.The men gained entry through a window situated in the washroom.At the time Singh, his wife and a baby were at home.Singh, speaking with Guyana Times, he explained that one of the men entered through the window and then opened the back door for the others.Singh said as soon as he realised that bandits had gained entry to the house, he alerted neighbours.“One jump on the chair and push a gun in from over the wall and tell me to be quiet or he gon shoot. Two of them kick and kick and brake open the bedroom door,” he related.The bandits managed to steal two cellular phones, an electronic tablet and a laptop computer, along with $270,000 worth in jewellery and $40,000 in cash.During the eight minute ordeal, Singh observed that two of the bandits had a small row over the money collected from the wardrobe.He noted too that one of the bandits identified him by his calling name.Meanwhile, Singh explained that neighbours had called the Police and the fifth man who stood at the door alerted the others that they had to leave as he grew suspicious of the Police arriving.They hurriedly left the premises by scaling the back fence.The homeowner told this publication that the persons who broke into his home seem to be very familiar with the layout of the building.He noted that the house was previously occupied by questionable characters, leading him to believe that they may be behind the crime.Meanwhile, Singh suspected that the bandits attempted to break into his house previously.He told this publication that on Saturday night he heard strange sounds coming from the yard and his dog was continuously barking.He also noted that on Sunday morning he discovered that one part of a window had been removed but he had replaced it during the day. That night, he said he heard someone on the roof of the house and raised an alarm.Singh said neighbours came out and they noticed movement in a clump of bushes behind his house. The Police were called but never showed up.An investigation has been launched into the incident.last_img

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