Lab technician charged for stealing medical supplies from Suddie Hospital

first_imgA 30-year-old lab technician, formerly attached to the Suddie Public Hospital, Essequibo Coast, Region Two, was on Wednesday charged for stealing medical supplies from the health facility which he sold to a private pharmacy.Medicinal drugs and suppliesMohamed Khan of lot 50 Plantation Bell, Essequibo Coast, was arrested by the Police and then taken to Anna Regina Magistrates’ Court where he plead guilty to the crime and was fined $25,000 for the act.Reports are that Khan stole 21 packs of Dengue tests, 100 microscope slides, one bottle of anti A, one bottle of anti B, and one bottle of anti D medication, among other medicinal drugs and medical supplies from the above-mentioned hospital.After committing the act, he reportedly took the items to a retired pharmacist, who in turn sold them to a pharmacy. Guyana Times understands that it was the region’s Coordinator of Health Strategy who made the discovery and immediately reported the matter to the Police on Tuesday.Khan was arrested on the same day. The stolen items, along with Khan were handed over to the investigating ranks.Less than 24 hours after his arrest, he made his Court appearance. He was slapped with the offence of simple larceny committed on the Public Health Ministry.He plead guilty to the charge and was then fined $25,000 by Magistrate Esther Sam.Khan’s theft of medicinal drugs and supplies comes at a time when the country continues to face shortages at the regional hospitals and health facilities.While the administrative staff of those affected health institutions blamed the Public Health Ministry for failing to supply adequate and much needed medicines and drugs leading to sporadic and constant drug shortages, authorities had also warned that persons who were working at these facilities were also responsible for the drug shortages.last_img

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