Bartomeu breaks the board one year after the elections

first_imgOther managers who can see themselves in this same situation are Silvio Elias, member of the sports commission responsible for grassroots football, and Josep Pont, responsible for the commercial area. In case any ingredient is missing from the bewildering stew, the secretary of the board, Jordi Calsamiglia, would also leave the box, but for personal reasons, just as Mundo Deportivo pointed out.In this situation, obviously, the electoral landscape from within the board has turned around like a sock. Resign or not Rousaud, that everything indicates that he will not, what is certain is that he is no longer the dolphin and a continuation candidate. Now, the strong names are those of Jordi Moix, who will promote economic and heritage vice president as head of the Espai Barça mega project and especially David Bellver’s, the last element that joined the board to which he arrived thanks to his good relationship with Sandro Rosell. Bellver aims to be the new treasurer and strong man in the economic lot. Tax advisor, Bellver came to the world of football as one of the creators of the MIC tournament, which under the umbrella of Nike has become one of the most important grassroots football championships in the world.The figure of Jordi Cardoner is also valued, Bartomeu’s close collaborator, vice president of the social area who had all the numbers to be chosen as a dolphin, but who discarded himself. Now the spotlights are turned on him.On the other hand, it is not ruled out in the face of the crisis created, the arrival of new members to the board if resignations occur. Among them could be the new dolphin. but for now, Bartomeu has broken the electoral board and assumes absolute control of the entity Until Monday night One of the few certainties in FC Barcelona was that the elections were not going to take place, that they were going to be held between May 15 and June 15 of next year, and that the continuation candidate of the board was going to be Emili Rousaud since Josep Maria Bartomeu could not appear by statutory mandate. Well, late yesterday, this whole scene was blown up. after the purge that the president prepares in the council for his last year in office.In American politics, the figure of the president who faces his last year in office without the possibility of reelection is called the “lame duck.” His management is characterized by a shallow policy and to favor his successor. In the case of Barça, this ‘lame duck’ does not exist and has been replaced by a Bengal tiger. Bartomeu is going to finish his administration accentuating the presidential nature of his government work. His policy is “or with me, or against me” without half measures.So I He has made it very clear to two of his most important vice presidents, Rousaud in the institutional area and also until yesterday the dolphin, and Enrique Tombas, the economic vice president in a few times more than convulsed, that they will be discharged from their responsibilities. It is up to them to accept degradation or resign. It must be remembered that the president cannot remove the members of the council.last_img

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