Here is a summary of appointments for 2019 Batesville boards and commissions

first_imgEd NegovetichMayor12/31/20 – 4 years Stan HoltPolice Chief BOARD OF FINANCE (Annual Appointment) Jim FritschMayor12/31/19 Rick Lindemann(Annual Appointment)Mayor12/31/19 DEPARTMENT HEADS Bob FitzpatrickCouncil12/31/20 – 3 years Arnie KirschnerCouncil12/31/20 – 4 years Andy SanerCounty Council12/31/19– 1 year Mike Bettice       (Mayor)MayorTerm UTILITIES SERVICE BOARD INDUSTRIAL PARK COMMISSION Mike BaumerCity Park Manager Scott BauerGas Utility Manager Jane TekulveMemorial Pool Manager Jim FritschCouncil12/31/19 Tracy RohlfingMayor12/31/19 Ed KrauseMayor12/31/19 Doug Wilson(Annual Appointment)Stan Holt(Annual Appointment)Todd Schutte(Annual Appointment) Stan HoltMayor12/31/19 Dale Meyer         (Business)Mayor12/31/20 – 4 years Lisa GausmanMayor12/31/19 – 4 years Kevin CampbellMayor12/31/19 Randy JobstMayor12/31/19 Brad DreyerMayor12/31/19 Scott BauerMayor12/31/19 J.B. ShowalterMayor12/31/19 – 3 years Todd SchutteMayor12/31/19 TECHNICAL ADVISORY COMMITTEE TO THE PLAN COMMISSION (Annual Appointment) CITY ATTORNEYPOLICE CHIEFFIRE CHIEF Tony GutzwillerCouncil12/31/22 – Annual Randy JobstWastewater Utility Manager Luke KaiserCouncil12/31/22– 4 years Mike BetticeCouncil12/31/19 John IrrgangMayor12/31/19 BOARD OF PUBLIC WORKS AND SAFETY (Annual Appointment) Jim FritschMayorTerm Kevin CampbellCouncil12/31/19 – 2 years Mike BetticeMayor12/31/19 Darrick CoxMayor12/31/19 Tony GutzwillerMayor12/31/19 Tim MacyauskiMayor12/31/19 Steve SteinSchool Board-Non Voting12/31/19 Andy Saner          (Banks)Mayor12/31/20 – 4 years RURAL FIRE DEPARTMENT ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT COMMISSION Kevin Campbell  (Residents)Mayor12/31/20 – 3 years Batesville, In. — 2019City of BatesvilleSummary of Appointments BOARD OF ZONING APPEALS Kevin ChaffeeMayor12/31/19 Bill NarwoldMayor12/31/19 Kevin Chaffee      (Council)Mayor12/31/19 – 2 years Don KarbowskiMayor12/31/22 – 4 years Tim HunterSchool BoardTerm Jay ReichmuthMayor12/31/22 – 4 years PRESIDENT OF COMMON COUNCIL Mike BetticeMayor12/31/19 Jim FritschCouncil12/31/19 Chris FairchildMayor12/31/19 – 4 years Tim DietzMayor12/31/22 – 4 years PLANNING COMMISSION  (Annual Appointment) Tracy RohlfingCouncil12/31/19 Ginnie FallerMayor12/31/19 – 4 years DEPARTMENT OF REDEVELOPMENT COMMISSION (Annual Appointment) Name                                                Appointed by                     Expiration Year – LengthRIPLEY COUNTY BEVERAGE BOARD Paul HardebeckMayor12/31/19 Andy SanerMayor12/31/19 Darrick CoxCouncil12/31/19 Tim MacyauskiMayor12/31/19 Kevin ChaffeeCouncilAnnual RIPLEY COUNTY BOARD OF HEALTH BOARD OF PARKS AND RECREATION Eric LakerMayor12/31/19 Eric LakerWater Utility Manager Kevin McGuireMayor12/31/19 – 4 years Dave RaverMayor12/31/19 – 4 years Hank PictorMayor12/31/19 – 4 years Ken WanstrathMayor12/31/22– 4 years Bill HisrichMayor12/31/19 – 3 years Neil WesslingCouncil12/31/19 – 4 years Tim MacyauskiDirector of Operations-Street/Building Departments Todd SchutteFire Chief/Homeland Security Director Dave RaverMayor12/31/19last_img

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