Flag Football?

first_imgI have watched a couple of pre-season football games including the Bengals game with Chicago.  I am all for protecting the football players from injury, but I am not sure about the new rule they put in pro football this year.Supposedly, if you lead with your helmet, you will get a personal foul penalty and the possibility of being thrown out of the game.  Of the two calls that I remember, one of them was definitely a penalty.  However, the other one called looked like a very clean hit.  If we try to eliminate all the hits in football, there will soon be only one rule left–no tackling.  This would be the same as playing flag football.When you play football or another contact sport like soccer, you are going to get hits to the body.  Trying to regulate all of those seem like a nightmare for the referees.  At the speed of the game, you are bound to have hits using the helmet.  Since we use replay for almost everything today, would it be better to determine this type of hit with a replay rather than trying to make the split second call that a referee has to make?  I am just wondering.  What do you think?last_img

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