UGP: By monopolizing transport, the City of Dubrovnik violates several laws and calls into question the existence of carriers

first_imgAs a result, private carriers become much more expensive, and the city of Dubrovnik itself has been damaged by a hefty amount of at least 900.000,00 kuna, which is how much the city earns annually from tolls on the Pile plateau, according to the UGP. “Although Libertas – Dubrovnik doo bought the mentioned buses on credit, we repeat that this is a company that is owned by the city of Dubrovnik and as such is subsidized from the city budget. Vehicles purchased with subsidies may not be used for commercial purposes on behalf of a third party, in this case. Even if specific buses were not purchased with a subsidy, the company is still subsidized by the City (salaries, maintenance, fuel ()”Point out from UGP. The UGP additionally states that at the session of the City Council, Mayor Mato Franković stated that within a maximum of two years, only and exclusively Libertas will operate in the city of Dubrovnik. Libertas – Dubrovnik entered the market with its price list of the mentioned transfers, which are slightly more expensive than private carriers, but at the same time the City of Dubrovnik, ie the company Sanitat Dubrovnik, abolished the obligation to pay a stop fee on the Pile plateau. In July 2019, the City of Dubrovnik sent a letter to travel agencies with a proposal for a new organization of traffic, which stated that from 01.04.2020. public city transport Libertas-Dubrovnik doo (a company owned by the city of Dubrovnik) will be the only one that will be able to transport guests from ships on cruises on the route Luka Dubrovnik – Pile. The situation in this case is completely clear. In a completely illegal way, the local self-government unit is trying to enter the market by establishing a monopoly, said Marko Slišković, a member of the tourism committee of the Voice of Entrepreneurs association, adding: “As far as I know, we live in a democratic state where the rules of market competition are clearly set. We can compare this move of the city of Dubrovnik with the socialist way of governing, and such a thing should be a long-forgotten past.” Namely, the members of the Voice of Entrepreneurs Association from Dubrovnik are hindered by none other than the city of Dubrovnik, monopolizing the transport of tourists in certain locations. Due to the needs of these transfers, Libertas – Dubrovnik doo bought six articulated buses (three are already running in Dubrovnik, while three are still announced). Articulated buses are city buses and can only be registered as such, in which case they would perform occasional transport. The city of Dubrovnik prevents the work of local occasional carriers by giving a monopoly for transport on certain routes to companies owned by the city, point out the Association of Voices of Entrepreneurs. “I hereby order the local authorities of the city of Dubrovnik to suspend the proceedings and to publicly apologize to all citizens of the city of Dubrovnik. The Association of Entrepreneurs will, as before, monitor their every step and we will definitely not allow such anomalies to the detriment of entrepreneurs and all citizens of the city of Dubrovnik. ” Slišković concluded.center_img UGP considers the behavior of the city of Dubrovnik inadmissible. In this way, they get directly involved in market competition, using their powers to monopolize the market, and at the same time they are the only ones who will make money from the occasional transport of tourists. / / / GUESTS FROM THE CRUISER WILL BE TRANSPORTED BY LOW-FLOOR BUS TO THE SAW Photo: City of Dubrovnik “In all of the above, we find that the City of Dubrovnik is in violation of the law on road transport, the law on communal economy, the law on management of local self-government units, but also the Constitution of the Republic of Croatia since it is a pure monopoly prohibited by Article 49. The Bus Association has 45 members with about 150 buses, while in Dubrovnik there are a dozen other buses that are not members of the Association. Not to mention how much impact the implementation of this decision would have on our business, especially after the COVID 19 pandemic.” said Vesna Lukić, president of the Ragusa Bus Association. It is a matter of a pure transfer, although the city government persistently uses the term “shuttle”, which is not the case, the UGP emphasizes. Cover photo: of Dubrovnik / Illustration: HrTurizamlast_img

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