All inspections in tourism are united. From now on, tourist inspectors will be able to enter unregistered facilities

first_imgIllegal renters are unfair competition and a big problem of our tourism. Almost every tourist board is struggling with the problem of unregistered activities. Inspections are being merged, and the reorganization of the independent State Inspectorate should make the work of inspections more efficient and functional. In tourism, it should enable a clearer and more concrete fight against the black and gray economy. Non-payment of taxes and non-registration of workers is one of the main motivators of the Chamber of Trades and Crafts’ efforts to reorganize the State Inspectorate. In order to implement better control and bring order to the black and gray zone, according to the new law, all inspections in tourism will be unified and inspectors will be able to enter facilities that have not reported renting accommodation. Recall, in accordance with the new amendments to the Law on Hospitality, which, among other things, requires that tourism inspectors have the opportunity to apply the principle of opportunity, ie the possibility that minor violations can be warned, with a deadline to correct irregularities, not to they immediately print out fines. Caterers and artisans often met with inspectors, and sometimes with more than one at a time. “It is certainly embarrassing for us if three or four different inspections come to us in one period of time and make a mess for us, a blockade in the workplace and it is certainly nasty, especially when the bars are full in the middle of the tourist season.”, Said Stjepan Knežević, vice president of the Croatian Chamber of Trades and Crafts, adding that previously only customs could enter the premises that work illegally, and other inspectors did not. “We also wanted tourism inspectors to have the authority to enter where there is unfair competition, where undeclared work is.” Certainly, it is in everyone’s interest to suppress the black market, because they are unfair competition to legal landlords. “Apart from tourism inspectors, all inspectors have the right, among other things, not only to deal with registered facilities but also those suspected of being unregistered. With legal changes, they can enter these facilities very quickly and efficiently”, Explained Tonči Glavina, State Secretary of the Ministry of Tourism for HRT. However, renters are sometimes not aware or sufficiently educated about the legal regulations related to this tourist activity. “People involved in this business need to be educated. Due to the fact that they are mostly older people and they are simply not familiar enough with the laws, they are not familiar enough with the procedures and in that direction there is a lack of more education than control.”, Said Daniel Radeta, president of the Association of Private Accommodation Landlords Zadar. Source: HRTlast_img

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