Pandemic creates unique friendship, all through writing letters

first_imgAfter the pandemic, Mary and Adriana have already made plans to get together. They plan to go get ice cream. People would describe 71-year-old Mary Chapin as a social butterfly. Adriana’s letter to Mary Mary did write back, including a slew of questions to get to know her new best friend. While they can’t hang out together yet, Adriana is still finding ways to make Mary smile. That’s when Jackie’s 14-year-old daughter, Adriana Saint-Hilaire, decided to send Mary a letter. She asked Mary what kind of weather she likes, drew a picture, and even included a stamp so Mary could reply. “She was honestly worried that she was forgotten about. She didn’t quite understand what was going on in the world, she didn’t understand why we couldn’t go out anymore,” said Jackie Hannah, ACHIEVE program manager. “In some ways, I like to meet new people once in awhile,” said Mary. center_img “Sometimes we’ll talk about what our favorite food is, so I’ll draw a hamburger, so it’s kind of fun,” said Adriana. (WBNG) — Two people have formed a unique friendship during quarantine, using a good ol’ fashioned pen and paper. Mary’s reply “It’s something to look forward to, she now has a bright spot in her day,” said Jackie. Mary is a resident of ACHIEVE, a local organization that works with people who have disabilities. When the pandemic hit, Mary had to stay in quarantine, which wasn’t easy for her. last_img

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