Webmaster friends you do poineering work on the network

personal network business benefits here needless to say, those who read this article knows the network business is going on, it can create a rich network, so many people involved in Internet entrepreneurship, but the network is not imagined, not suitable for everyone, what kind of people will fit and may succeed? Can look at this behavior, you know. Please read after the time of evaluation on "personal network business" to the point of view, if not, please do not get excited, I just talk about some of my own experience and observation. read more

Modern Amoy owners should have quality

became a guest only a short while ago, the webmaster Wangzhuan preferred mode, the Amoy sellers, promoter, alliance "win win win" mode it is one of the most successful Wangzhuan mode, shortly before the owners of the House published an article, the Super Moderator Jiang Junjun guest station monthly income of more than 50 thousand, so many Tao guest to see hope.

indeed, before the money is not so easy, in the post-modern era emerged as a guest, several new features:

1, a large portal to enter the Taobao customer, eaten small station read more

From Baidu’s latest K station

recently, Baidu K a lot of stations, 30 on the day I K 2000 to come, originally thought to be full area of K, it did not attract attention. I have seen many Admin5 friends who have been plucked by Baidu. Miserable,


but yesterday, the bad news also reached my station, early in the morning, site, www.haokan138.com, and 2.4W more! Until noon, there will be 4K. Which is gloomy in the mind?. When I was at K 30, I was already dealing with the friendship connection. I think this should not be a problem, but still try to pack the attitude, once again to check the friendship connection, the collected removed is underlined (sorry some friends), has also removed some of the. read more

How to operate to optimize the efficiency of the SEO team


network on the SEO team, there are a lot of collocation is introduced as well as the plan, but in the project implementation process, how to make a project of instability, how to improve the efficiency of optimization team has become a problem in many Internet companies. Jiangyin network company who, faced with a large number of optimization of single, especially in both single and new problems when the whole team how to grasp the progress of the operation, the SEO team can help the company to achieve greater value. read more

Community operations how to avoid water paste in the review area

this is an article about how to avoid comments on "water paste" in the review area. It is very helpful for community operators. The author in the SXSW to participate in the discussion after the written summary, pointed out the community "Troll" causes and their hazards, solutions not recommended (closing comments, real name system), excellent cases of industry, as well as their point of view. The full text is about 2000 words, and the reading time is 5 minutes. It is recommended to read the extended links. read more

4 principles for well designed web pages

one of my favorite design books is the Robin Williams Design Workshop. It goes into the actual design theory and includes many excellent design examples. One of the areas of concern is the 4 major design principles that have been used in the design. These 4 principles are: contrast, repetition, arrangement, and classification.

this article will discuss these 4 principles related to web design. As long as you keep these 4 principles in mind, you’ll be able to design a cleaner and more beautiful web page. read more

Depth analysis how can the forum website be operated successfully

with the discuz forum and phpwind forum program continues to improve and upgrade, many novice webmaster chose to use existing open source BBS program, start your webmaster career. The portal websites and forums websites are springing up all over the place, but how to face such a fierce competition in front of the webmaster makes their forum become a local authoritative website.

and I, as the founder of Beijing travel network, naturally become one of them, facing the competition and pressure is not small. Today, the Forum on the operation of the problem, do a deep analysis, give you webmaster also mention a wake up. read more

Hebei to improve the city’s public space service level

public entrepreneurship and innovation has now become an era theme, while the public business now has become a national movement, the Hebei province to improve the city’s public record space service level, but also to vigorously promote entrepreneurship.

7 29, the provincial Party committee, party secretary Huang Lixin research and innovation of science and technology enterprises and the creation of space. She stressed the need to give full play to the advantages of science and education human resources, and further improve the city’s public space service level, to better promote the public entrepreneurship innovation. City leaders Xiang Xuelong, Li Shigui, Huang Lan, Zang Zhengjin participate in research. read more

Life memories from migrant workers to programmers webmaster

            suddenly feel really old, but nothing got…

when you see a brick in the construction site pushed the young man, when you see he is wearing a tattered and dirty man, that is a migrant workers, would you care about him? What is the occupation would later think he is not very good, but the occupation, and the former is not completely the same, is a programmer to enter the IT industry! Even I would not want to be a programmer


2002 graduated from junior high school (86 years oh), went to Guangdong Dongguan with friends, who know not to even find a general, last friend gave tens of dollars fare home, home on the remaining 5 cents, the way water can not drink! Now I know that the outside world is not imagined good! Go home, did not fare again out of a private mill at home for two months with several hundred dollars to Nanning, embarked on the road of migrant workers, in a childhood friends there was like hydropower, hydropower can do is not wrong. Then go to Guangxi occupation technology academy (do not know if there is not the school.), it was my friend’s father contracted dormitory 44#, we live across the hall, the daily work is to the building there, then where they built teachers dormitory, from every Day to go to work to go through the school building field, along the side of the road, I dare not look up, I wonder why the same age people, they are in University, and I have to do a laborer, really feel very inferiority. I saw a pair of lovers at night, and I knew I would never have that chance. One night there for a walk, see a friend to help MM, who will dare to call the bet beauty to come, so I called, was scolded, I blushed, but at night, the light is not clear! Dare not call MM. There, I don’t know how many people look down upon us, I have a day on the back, see the workers from the dormitory gate, and I in the back, that dress really sucks, the guard would not let me go, he pointed to me and said, who do you think you are? At that moment, really a little sad or hurt it, but I think what is the qualification to respond to him, a few female students standing there… Then. And another time, time to 44# dormitory to repair the water pipes, down by several girls said: " I hate every day, watching these men walking around ", I really don’t know what to say, or what is the reason to say to others, although I am poor, just graduated from junior high school, but I usually very hard to read, I also know how to behave… That moment, I Trying to create opportunities to read a little bit of books, I will not let others despise, even if I am currently relatively low to others, I do not mind. read more

Film and television stations should look for profit again

do not remember when it was in a webmaster group to hear a sentence: "the sky dropped bricks down, killing ten people, nine is the webmaster, nine people, eight is engaged in film and television station.". Although it is a joke, but enough to reflect the number of television station owners are so much.

why are there so many movie stations,


one, easy to build. The film system of a fool, for a website name can be used, but also with the data.

two, simple maintenance. Unless you do your own resources, or update the TV station, just pick a few fast updates, strong station, every day acquisition will be finished. read more