Web Site Design by Cambium Group Wins Awards

first_imgCambium Group, LLC, a leading web site development firm specializing in innovative web site designs and content management systems has developed a nationally recognized web site for Telephone Credit Union (TCU) of Manchester, New Hampshire. The Telephone Credit Union site, www.tcu.org(link is external), recently received two individual awards for web site design and production.The first award, from the CUNA Marketing and Business Development Council (CMC) recognizes TCU’s web site with the “Merit Award” in the Internet Marketing category. Entries in the CMC’s 2003 Diamond Awards were judged by nationally acclaimed credit union marketers, based on criteria such as strategy, creative concept, design, copy, and results. The CMC is a national network of Credit Union marketing and business development professionals.Telephone Credit Union also received the 2003 Silver Web Site Award from the Marketing Association of Credit Unions (MAC). Each year, during the MAC Annual Conference, members have the opportunity to compete for the coveted MAC Marketing Awards. Winners of these awards receive national recognition through credit union trade publications. MAC Marketing Award winners are selected by a panel of judges with extensive background in credit unions and marketing. Results, production quality, and creative design are considered in the selection process. Since 1986, the Marketing Association of Credit Unions has been recognized as the preferred trade association for credit union marketing professionals.”It’s an honor to have received these awards. We see the success of our site daily through the way our members and prospects use the site and conduct business. But it is always neat to have other marketers acknowledge the planning and thought that went into the development of the site.” stated Nathan Saller, TCU’s Vice President of Marketing.last_img read more

Teamwork, Reintegration Weaken Taliban in Northern Afghanistan

first_imgBy Dialogo January 06, 2011 Cooperation among troops from many nations and the reintegration into Afghan society of a growing number of war-weary insurgents are adding to success in northern Afghanistan, the commander of Regional Command North said. German army Maj. Gen. Hans-Werner Fritz and his deputy commander, U.S. Army Col. Sean Mulholland, briefed reporters at the Pentagon during a video teleconference from their headquarters in Mazar-e-Sharif. “I think the influence of the Taliban is diminishing, definitely,” Fritz said. “They are leaving the area. If they don’t leave, they are killed. They are handing themselves over to us … by the reintegration program. So they are simply giving up,” he added, noting that the “security bubble” around Kunduz and Baghlan provinces and further west is permanently expanding. The 11,000 troops of Regional Command North include Germans, Norwegians, Swedes, Hungarians and Turks. U.S. forces are based in the area as part of the Afghan army and police training effort. The regional command is using special operations forces in shaping operations before conventional troops enter the area, Mulholland said, “and we’ve had great success winning the hearts and minds of civilians once the conventional forces have gone in.” “We’ve been able to hold large expanses of terrain and also build COPs — combat outposts — and [forward operating bases] to secure and anchor those areas that have been gained through the winter time,” he added. As an adjunct to that, Mulholland said, the Afghan Peace and Reconciliation Program has taken off in Regional Command North as people have decided to side with the Afghan government or simply don’t want to fight any more. The reconciliation program is one of two the regional command offers, Fritz said. The other is the Afghan Local Police program. “The reconciliation program allows them, after they’ve been forgiven [by their communities] and enrolled in the program, the opportunity for vocational training,” Mulholland said. “While they’re going to training, they receive a stipend of $88 a month to keep food on the table.” When applicants sign into the reconciliation program, Mulholland said, they are vetted by the local police and the provincial chief of police and are forgiven by the people from their village. The program allows them to learn one of several vocations, such as teaching. It also allows them, if they meet legal requirements, to join the Afghan Local Police. “The ALP is actually a job,” Mulholland said. “It’s a program they can stay enrolled in for two to five years.” Both programs, he added, “are good alternatives to what they’re doing now.” All applicants for both programs must register, must agree to live by the Afghan constitution and Afghan law, and must accept the Afghan government’s authority. The regional command monitors an area that has experienced a growth in Taliban activity along with an increase in combat troops. The U.S. Army’s 4th Combat Aviation Brigade from Fort Hood, Texas, and the 10th Mountain Division’s 1st Brigade Combat Team from Fort Drum, N.Y., Fritz said, serve in the area along with two German battle groups. An example of the close working relationships among the diverse troops occurred in October, Fritz said, during a day of fierce fighting. “A suicider attacked a German position — these were paratroopers from my division in Germany,” he said. The suicide attacker killed one German soldier and wounded many more. The troops called for medical evacuation, and two U.S. UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters from Fort Campbell, Ky., answered the call. “As we say in German, there was a lot of iron in the air,” Fritz said. The helicopters recovered the wounded and took off, he said, then the crews realized a dead German soldier remained on the ground. “They came back under fire, they recovered the soldier and they said, ‘We are taking home a fallen hero,” Fritz said. “And I can promise you, the German paratroopers, the German ‘Fallschirmjager,’ will never forget that. This is the quality of cooperation we are talking about.” Fritz said his regional command has momentum against the Taliban and aims to keep it. “If we can,” he added, “we will fight the winter through to make sure that all the foxholes are closed when one or the other of the Taliban might come back in, in spring.” read more

Little things matter

first_img continue reading » I’m a huge fan of auto-paying my bills.First, I want to protect my credit report.Second, I’m lazy. If I can automate a task, that’s a win.Here’s a great story about one of my utilities.I signed up to pay them automatically each month from my checking account.  But there was a rub.Each month, they would send me an email saying a payment was due. But I never could remember if I was on autopayment, so I’d have to dig into the account to confirm. That almost defeated the purpose. ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

From 2003 to 2017, the number of entrepreneurs in the tourism and hospitality industry quadrupled

first_imgDuring the observed period (cross-section 2003-2007-2012-2017), the number of entrepreneurs in the activity of providing accommodation and food preparation and serving is the highest in 2017, according to FINA data.At the beginning of the observed period, in 2003, this number was significantly lower, 2771 entrepreneurs, and by 2007 their number increased by 50%, to 4153 entrepreneurs, and by 2012 the growth was slightly lower, 43%, while the highest growth was achieved in the last period of five years, from close to 75%, and the total number of entrepreneurs increased to 10.The analysis of entrepreneurs in 2017 in the activity of providing accommodation and food preparation and serving, according to the seat of business, showed the highest concentration of entrepreneurs in the County of Zagreb (2433), followed by Split-Dalmatia (1660), Primorje-Gorski Kotar (1124) and Istria County (1055). The lowest number of entrepreneurs in this activity is based in Virovitica-Podravina (50) and Požega-Slavonia County (63).Entrepreneurs based in the County of Istria are the first in terms of total revenues of entrepreneurs in the observed area of ​​activity in 2017 (HRK 6,3 billion).Source: FINAA comparison of the number of employees in entrepreneurs in the activity of providing accommodation and food preparation and serving, through the observed period, showed that compared to 2003, the number of employees in 2017 was higher by 32 (749%). The largest increase in employees, as in the case of growth in the number of entrepreneurs, occurred in the period from 91,5 to 2012, when the number of employees increased by 2017%.Entrepreneurs whose predominant activity is the provision of accommodation and food preparation and serving achieved the highest profit for the period of 2017 in the amount of HRK 2,6 billion, which is 163,4% more than in 2003. The biggest winner in 2017 was the company VALAMAR RIVIERA dd with a profit of HRK 232,0 million. The loss for the period was the largest in 2012 and amounted to HRK 1,7 billion (59,2% more than in 2017). The biggest loser in 2017 was company DVADESET OSAM doo with HRK 126,3 million. Entrepreneurs in the activity of providing accommodation and food preparation and serving performed negatively in 2007 and 2012, with the largest net loss in 2012, in the amount of HRK 723,1 million. Society GRAND HOTEL LAV DOO the first is according to the amount of the realized loss in 2012, which amounted to HRK 176,2 million. In 2017, the company achieved a positive financial result in the amount of HRK 12,2 million. The largest investments in new fixed assets were realized in 2007 and amounted to HRK 4,5 billion, while in 2017 they amounted to HRK 2,5 billion, which is 44,6% less than in 2007. The largest investor in 2007 was the company SUNČANI HVAR dd with HRK 300,0 million investment in new fixed assets, while in 2017 the leading company was MAISTRA dd, with HRK 480,6 million.Source: FINAAccording to the productivity indicator measured by the average income per employee, which in 2003 amounted to slightly less than HRK 269 thousand, 2017 was more successful because this indicator increased by 41% and amounted to HRK 379,6 thousand of income per employee. Profit for the period per employee in 2003 amounted to HRK 27,2 thousand, and in 2017 it increased to HRK 37,3 thousand (38%).The profitability of entrepreneurs whose predominant activity is the provision of accommodation and food preparation and serving in 2003 amounted to 101,0 kuna and in the next decade decreased to 67,4 kuna (2012), and then in 2017 increased to 98,4 kuna, which is still less (97%) compared to 2003. The efficiency of total operations (ratio of total revenues / total expenditures) in 2003 amounted to 104,1%, but in 2007 it dropped to 100,2%, and in 2012 it was even lower, 95,9% to be the largest in 2017, 107,4%.The average monthly calculated net earning of persons in paid employment in entrepreneurs in the activity of providing accommodation and food preparation and serving in 2017 amounted to 4.653 kuna and was by 1.562 kuna or 50,5% higher compared to the salary calculated in 2003 (3.091 kuna) and by 13,4% lower compared to the average monthly net salary of Croatian entrepreneurs (HRK 5.372). For comparison, the average monthly net salary of employees in 2003 at the level of all entrepreneurs amounted to HRK 3.462, which in the meantime increased by 55,2%, which is slightly higher than the growth at the level of entrepreneurs in the tourism and hospitality industry. Attachment: Basic business data of entrepreneurs by counties for 2017Related news:IN THE PERIOD OF TEN YEARS IN THE TOURIST AND CATERING ACTIVITY THE NUMBER OF ENTREPRENEURS MORE THAN DOUBLElast_img read more

Herrick, Werkmeister, Bond, Blowers land Lincoln County wins

first_imgBy Kelly Ninas NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (July 19) – Scoring Saturday night IMCA victories at Lincoln County Race­way were Bryan Herrick, Kyle Werkmeister, Kyle Bond and Charlie Blowers. Herrick started in the fifth row, gained the lead just after halfway and drove away with the Karl Chevrolet Northern SportMod checkers.Nearly going without a caution, the IMCA Sunoco Stock Cars put on a whale of show with lots of passing and side-by-side racing that finished with Werkmeister leading the final eight laps. After snaring the lead on the third circuit, Bond drove away from the rest of the field and cruised to the win in the IMCA Sunoco Hobby Stocks. Bond started in the fifth row and it only took him three laps to get to the point.Blowers won the Mach-1 IMCA Sport Compact feature after grabbing the lead on the fifth lap and finishing strong.last_img read more