Destinys big free new update returns to Prison of Elders

first_imgToday, Bungie revealed what’s next for the Guardians that still roam their universe: a return to the Prison of Elders, the three-player endgame activity that was first introduced with the House of Wolves DLC. The prison will be revamped to a more player-friendly style, the Light level cap will be increased, and of course, new gear will rain down from Destiny’s lord and savior, a hopefully more benevolent RNGesus.Since introducing the Eververse Trading Company and shifting the bulk of development to focus on Destiny’s full sequel coming sometime in 2017, Bungie has been keeping players busy — if you could call it that — with smaller live events and the promise of two DLC-sized updates sometime this year. This return to the Prison of Elders will be the first of those two large updates, with a much bigger one (of which Bungie has divulged zero details) promised for later this year.With this reveal, Bungie focused on the PvE events, and how Prison will change for the better. The player Light level will be increased from 320 to 335, as has the difficulty level of and rewards from Court of Oryx, Heroic strikes, the Nightfall strike, the King’s Fall raid, and of course, the Prison of Elders. Prison seems to be the only activity that’s mechanically changing; though Oryx is long dead, the Prison will be updated with disorganized and imprisoned Taken, and will also feature a new level 41 challenge mode that, like the challenge modes from King’s Fall, will reward gear at the 335 Light level cap. Thankfully, this new mode will dispense with the original Prison’s tedious waves trash enemies to instead bounce you from boss to boss. You’ll grab an Elders’ Sigil each week from your favorite Fallen, Variks, and it’ll act like a scorecard for the new Prison. You’ll accrue points and get rewards accordingly when you complete your weekly card.To keep things a bit fresh, Bungie is also giving us a new strike, the Blighted Chalice, which will have you tracking down a Taken prince that escaped the Dreadnaught before you killed its king. A fan-favorite strike from Year One, Winter’s Run, will also see you put a stop to a Taken invasion — it’ll be updated with Taken like the Mars strikes were when the Taken first invaded the galaxy.The new update will release for everyone, for free, on April 12, and Bungie will be holding weekly streams revealing what else the update will contain — from PvP fixes to new gear nodes and stats — until then. For now, this should offer relief to those aching for something new to do in Destiny, and will hopefully tide us all over until news of the even larger update coming later this year starts trickling out.last_img read more