Australian shipbuilder ASC cuts jobs

first_img January 5, 2017 Australian government-owned shipbuilder ASC announced it would cut 130 jobs from its air-warfare destroyer project by the end of February.The cuts are due to a reduced amount of work on the three Hobart-class destroyers.The number of people required for work on the ships has been reducing since early 2015.ASC will cut some 45 trade positions while another 85 positions would be reduced in the welding, painting, operator and other trade groups.The company added that the workforce reductions would have no impact on ASC’s submarine workforce or planning for the future submarine project.In October 2016, ASC split into three businesses to better focus on the projects ahead. The split resulted in the creation of shipbuilding, submarine sustainment and infrastructure companies. Back to overview,Home naval-today Australian shipbuilder ASC cuts jobs Australian shipbuilder ASC cuts jobs Share this article View post tag: Royal Australian Navy View post tag: AWD View post tag: ASC Authoritieslast_img read more

Renewable Energy Vermont announces new board chair, vice-chair and interim executive director

first_imgRenewable Energy Vermont,Renewable Energy Vermont (REV), the state’s leading trade association for the renewable energy industry, welcomes new Board Chair Martha Staskus and Board Vice-chair Jim Merriam. REV also welcomes Interim Executive Director, Scott Merriam.The REV Board of Directors has enthusiastically elected long-time REV board member Martha Staskus as Board Chair, replacing outgoing Board Chair, Lawrence Mott. Staskus brings over 15 years of experience in wind resource management and wind project development. Her extensive experience working with a broad spectrum of Vermont stakeholders will be a welcome asset to REV’s leadership.REV also welcomes Jim Merriam, the Director of nationally-recognized Efficiency Vermont, as the new REV Board Vice-Chair, replacing outgoing REV Board Vice-Chair Cheryl Jenkins. Merriam brings 18 years of experience in the renewable energy industry with Northern Power Systems and groSolar, and now the efficiency sector, an expanding area of partnership for REV.Scott Merriam, former REV Interim Director and REV Staffer has stepped in again as REV’s Interim Director, replacing outgoing Executive Director Susan Allen while the board begins its search for new leadership. Merriam brings extensive knowledge of the REV organization, its members, conferences, and legislative agenda, as well as a strong passion for REV’s mission.Counting over 300 members, REV is Vermont’s only trade organization dedicated solely to promoting the growth of the renewable energy industry in Vermont. REV promotes legislation, engages in public outreach and education and hosts the state’s largest annual renewable energy conference.With new staff and board leadership and a growing, active membership, REV is excited to welcome a new year of opportunity and collaboration with the renewable energy industry and efficiency sectors, and with Vermont businesses and consumers.About Renewable Energy Vermont, is external).Renewable Energy Vermont (REV) is working to bring about an intelligent transformation from a foreign fossil fuel based economy to an economy increasingly based on our own renewable energy.REV Montpelier, VT, January 25, 2011 –last_img read more

3 reasons to unplug as often as possible

first_imgWe’re all addicted to our phones. Go in any business where people are waiting and you’ll find people on their phones. Go in any restaurant, look at the patrons waiting on their food, and you’ll find people on their phones. Unfortunately, you’ll even find people on their phones between bites. It’s definitely a little bit sad. If you feel you’re connected too often, here are a few reasons you should pull the plug at every opportunity.Unplug to destress: Most of us are on the computer at least part of our day. A lot of us are our computer a lot more than that. You know that feeling when you’ve been staring at a screen too long and you feel like your head is about to explode? Yeah that’s not good. When the work day ends, get off the screens, don’t trade one screen in for another. If you close your computer and continue to work on your phone, you’re not letting yourself recharge.Unplug to enjoy the quiet: You’re dealing with members and employees all day long. At some point in the day you need to take some time for yourself. If you’re hitting up Facebook or getting into a Netflix marathon after work, you’re not giving your brain a break. Try sitting in a comfy chair for a few minutes after work and just listen to the sounds of the world around you. Whether it it’s the hum of a ceiling fan or the sounds of the great outdoors, a little peace and quiet can do you loads of good. For those of you with kids, maybe just ride home without turning on the radio. You’ll enjoy quietly downloading your thoughts after a full day of uploading information.Unplug to reconnect: Reconnect with the people around you. Reconnect with nature. Reconnect with the back of your eyelids. When you’re too connected, it can affect your relationships, your happiness, and your sleep habits. When you don’t have a good handle on these three things, you won’t be in a good place emotionally, mentally, or physically.Make it your goal to unplug a little more every day. You deserve to be your best self, and all this connectivity can really bring you down. 46SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,John Pettit John Pettit is the Managing Editor for John manages the content on the site, including current news, editorial, press releases, jobs and events. He keeps the credit union … Web: Detailslast_img read more

Initiative of Pula citizens to cancel 20-year concession for ski lift in Valovine Bay

first_imgA society that steals public goods from the majority in order to give it away once cannot prosper, point out the Green Istria Association, which sent an open letter to the mayor of Pula and a request from the Pula citizens’ initiative to cancel the 20-year ski lift concession in Valovine Bay.Namely, as the Green Istria Association states in its announcement, during the preparation and beginning of the construction of the ski lift with the accompanying catering facility on the water, the investor made many omissions, which were not sanctioned by any relevant institution. From the illegal filling of maritime property, as well as the fact that the investor or the developer of the Environmental Protection Study did not state that a catering facility is planned on the platform on the sea, to the destruction of the habitat of strictly protected periscopes.Communication is transmitted in full:OPEN LETTER TO THE MAYOR – Request of the initiative of the citizens of Pula for the abolition of the 20-year concession for the ski lift in the Bay of ValovineDear Mayor,The issuance of a 20-year concession for the construction and economic use of a ski lift in Valovine Bay has caused great outrage among citizens for destroying the beauty of Pula’s only shallow sandy beach, so far fully preserved peaceful oasis, ideal for parents with young children and our senior citizens. bus station. The accelerated pace of construction and exploitation of the coast without awareness of the need to protect it calls into question what we love most about our city. Development does not necessarily mean the destruction of the environment and nature. With smarter planning we can develop while preserving natural beauty and values. A ski lift in another bay of already paved shores, with suitable parking, sewers and a road would not provoke opposition. Comments on Facebook due to the construction of a ski lift in Valovine Bay are proof of indignation, suspicions of corruption and dissatisfaction with favoring individual investors to the detriment of the entire community. In other words, citizens do not support such a policy of the City.On Saturday, June 30, citizens protested at the site of the construction of the ski lift, demanding an immediate suspension of works, the abolition of the 20-year concession and the return of the bay to its former state. With large buoys, we marked the area of ​​the ski lift structure, which shocked the protesters even more – most of them could not even imagine that the structure stretches almost the entire bay.As the mayor of Pula, you should know how to recognize the importance and support the citizens who are fighting for the public interest and preserving the exceptional beauty of the city for these and future generations.You have probably noticed for yourself that there is an increasing number of men and women from Pula who are interested in the environment in which they live and are ready to engage in its preservation and improvement. Unfortunately, this does not correspond to the engagement of relevant institutions, including city ones. All of them are “adorned” with slowness, inefficiency, looking through the fingers of great economic interests, neglect of the public interest, “turning their heads to the other side”, which calls into question honesty and legitimizes suspicion of corruption. At best, we can expect only formal work. A good portion of these bodies even violate their own regulations. Such a society cannot prosper. A society that steals the public good from the majority in order to give it away once cannot prosper.The investor demolished the coastal wall, filled the maritime property and the sea with construction stone at the place where the habitat of the strictly protected species is located. That we were right in pointing out the omissions of the authorities and actions for which there are no permits is also shown by the fact that on July 2, 2018, the investor hastily removed the filled gravel from the sea, a beautiful sight for local bathers and tourists. Many citizens sent us pictures of the bay soiled by these works. In the middle of the season. Where were your utility stewards, what did your Board of Directors do for the utility system and assets? Why didn’t you report the illegal dumping of maritime property to the Port Authority?The location and construction permit for the construction of the ski lift does not specify the catering facility on the platform. And here we come to an interesting detail of this case.The preliminary design from the Environmental Protection Study and the preliminary design attached to the Concession Agreement, which you signed, are seemingly the same. Except in essential detail. We attach both documents for easier tracking.Side dish: Idejno_rjesenje_elaborat_MANJI.jpg / Idejno_rjesenje_koncesija_MANJI.jpgIn the preliminary design for the ski lift no. 14-041 from December 2015, which is attached to the Environmental Protection Study, the following are listed as supporting facilities for the ski lift: 14,4 m2 closed + 48,4 m ski lift, 227 m2 access bridge (the accompanying facilities are listed in the text part : prefabricated terrace for preparing skiers, platform for getting out of the water, access bridges and engine room-prefabricated building of 14,4 m2).In the Concession Agreement, the conceptual design is seemingly the same. It has the same number 14-041 and date as the preliminary design from the Environmental Protection Study – December 2015. The difference is that in the annex to the Concession Agreement, the description of the accompanying facilities has been deleted.Please inform the public: How is it possible for conceptual designs to differ?On the basis of which a concession for a catering facility was issued when the Concession Agreement, as well as the preliminary design, does not show exactly where the catering facility is located or how big it is?How is it even possible for a catering facility to be in a concession if it was not provided for in the Environmental Protection Study, and thus neither in the location nor in the construction permit?There are reasons to cancel the 20-year concession for a ski lift, use themThe regulations allow you to terminate the concession. You know this because in 2016, at the request of the citizens, you abolished 9 concession committees for economic activities on Galeb’s Rocks, without much explanation. In accordance with the Concessions Act (Art. 71) and the Maritime Property Act (Art. 29), you can unilaterally terminate the concession agreement. The concessionaire may be deprived of the concession for several reasons, for example due to the protection of the public interest or if the concessionaire does not sufficiently protect the maritime domain and does not implement measures and actions for the protection of nature. Which we proved. When performing the works (so far initial), the investor did not take into account the habitat of the strictly protected periscope that stretches along the entire bay. Habitat destruction by embankment was documented by underwater images. The works should be urgently covered so that the damage would not be done to the entire habitat within the scope of the construction of 3 hectares.At the beginning of the permitting process, ie in the Environmental Protection Study, the investor in the assessment procedure on the need to assess the impact of the project on the environment “failed” to state several important facts about the project:- that the intervention of 3 hectares is planned on the habitat of strictly protected periscopes;. to plan a catering facility on the platform on the sea;- that the coast and the sea will be filled.This incomplete document was the basis for the County of Istria to unreasonably determine that it is not necessary to conduct an environmental impact assessment, which does not justify them because we pointed out all their shortcomings during the public debate. Therefore, environmental and nature protection measures are not prescribed for the project. If he had honestly described the habitat of the periscope, the investor might not have been allowed the intervention or he would have been prescribed appropriate environmental measures. It is quite clear that the investor has withheld many features of the project in order to more easily obtain the necessary permits.Therefore, we believe that the concession should be urgently terminated and the investor advised to make a new Environmental Study which will describe the true state of the seabed of the site, consider all possible negative impacts on the environment and nature and ALL parts of the proposed project, including offshore catering . Also advise him to suggest an alternative location for a ski lift with less negative impact on nature and the landscape.There are many other strange circumstances related to the works on the realization of this project, so please explain them to the public:- who allowed the investor to fill the shore and the sea with gravel from the quarry without the assessment procedure on the need for environmental impact assessment (mandatory according to Annex II of the Decree on Amendments to the Decree on Environmental Impact Assessment, point 9.12. – interventions for which implement OPUO: all interventions that include embankment of the sea shore, deepening and drying of the seabed and construction of buildings in and on the sea of ​​length 50 m and more) ?;Will it therefore bear the consequences?- who allowed the investor to work on the coast and the sea in the middle of the bathing season?- who allowed the investor to use the coastal road with heavy vehicles, when it is obvious in what condition it is and that such vehicles will further damage it, and maybe because of that it will collapse?- how is it possible that the construction site or the use of the road was not marked with appropriate traffic signs?The initiative of the citizens of Pula to cancel the concession for the ski lift and Green IstriaRelated news: The case of the ski lift in Valovine: the relevant institutions have either not done at all or have done their job poorly – we urge them to do so now – URGENTlast_img read more

Indonesia makes more arrests in sailor’s torture killing

first_imgSoutheast Asia is a major source of such labor and unscrupulous recruiters target the poor and uneducated with promises of good wages at sea.Earlier this month two Chinese boats were intercepted in the Malacca Strait, which separates Indonesia and Malaysia, after authorities received information that a crew member had died aboard one of the vessels.They later found Apriadi’s frozen body on the vessel and arrested Chinese national Song Chuanyun. Authorities said that Song allegedly had forced the victim to work despite being ill. They said he tortured the Indonesian and deprived him of food or water for several days before he died in late June.  In all, six recruiting agency bosses are now facing human-trafficking charges, including allegations they lied to dozens of Indonesians placed aboard Chinese fishing vessels by saying that they would be working as waiters or staff in retail stores overseas, police said.”The suspects engaged in illegal recruitment and deceived the victims with false promises,” said Arie Dharmanto, director of the general crimes unit for Indonesia’s Riau Islands province.The suspects also face charges that they knowingly put the crew members at risk, and could be hit with a maximum life sentence if found guilty, according to police. Anti-trafficking experts say the fishing industry is riddled with forced labor and exploited workers face non-payment, overwork, violence and death. Indonesian police have charged four more people in connection with the alleged torturing to death of an Indonesian crew member found in a freezer aboard a Chinese fishing vessel, authorities said Monday.They were executives at Indonesian recruitment agencies which hire locals — such as 20-year-old Hasan Apriadi, who died last month — to work on Chinese ships, police said.A Chinese supervisor on the Lu Huang Yuan Yu 118 vessel has been charged in Apriadi’s death and for assaulting other Indonesian crew.center_img Topics :last_img read more

Okeechobee County educator named Florida’s 2021 Teacher of the Year

first_imgTALLAHASSEE, Fla. — An Okeechobee County educator has been named Florida’s 2021 Teacher of the Year.Krista Stanley teaches sixth grade at Yearling Middle School. The Florida Department of Education made the exciting announcement on a Zoom conference call on Tuesday afternoon.According to the state, Stanley has taught sixth grade at the school for the past four years, and she serves as Yearling Middle School’s math representative and mentor for new teachers. Stanley has a bachelor’s degree in business management from Florida State University.The Teach of the Year honor comes with 20 grand for the teacher and a scholarship she can bestow on a student.last_img read more

Rawthore and East head the England senior tables

first_img Cath Rawthore and Stephen East are England’s top senior golfers – for the second time.Rawthore, from Sale in Cheshire, and East, from Wike Ridge in Yorkshire, have topped the England Golf Senior Orders of Merit for 2016. They were both also winners in 2014.There are many similarities between their latest golfing achievements. Rawthore is the English senior women’s amateur champion, while East holds the Scottish senior men’s title. They are both senior internationals and helped their teams to victory in their respective Home Internationals and to bronze medals in the European championships.Rawthore laid the foundations of her Order of Merit success with a dramatic win in the senior women’s amateur when, having trailed throughout the final, she triumphed on the 21st hole. The circumstances of the win, coupled with adverse weather conditions, “made it all the more special” and completed her set of senior titles, having won the British and English stroke play championships in previous years.She commented: “Winning the Order of Merit is very special, particularly when you look at the calibre of the ladies involved in the running.”Rawthore is part of England’s successful senior women’s team and she added: “I feel lucky and honoured to have represented England for the last four years and although it is a competitive environment, it is very friendly and a lot of fun.“To continue to do so in 2017 will require being in form as soon as the season starts and I will be trying my very best over the winter to do just that.”Stephen East’s victory in the Scottish senior championship was also an exciting affair as he played the final 10 holes in five-under par to speed past his rivals. “To win is always satisfying, but to go up there and win was special,” said East, who was also runner-up in the Welsh championship.The Senior Home Internationals, where he scored 5.5 points from six games, was another of his highlights. “Winning the Home Internationals was a great thrill,” said East. “It was a wonderful team effort which turned out to be a dominant performance.”His verdict on the year? “Having missed two counting events, I was delighted at topping the order of merit, it’s most satisfying and one of the highlights of my year.“Looking to 2017, I’m excited about representing Wike Ridge Golf Club. My goals are simple, to enjoy my golf and keep playing and competing at the highest level possible, playing as many championships as possible.”Final leading placings:Senior women1 Cath Rawthore (Sale, Cheshire) 75097.1702 Jackie Foster (Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire) 71646.5003 Karen Jobling (Richmond, Yorkshire) 47894.0004 Julie Brown (Trentham, Staffordshire) 43660.1935 Katherine Russell (Royal Ashdown Forest, Sussex) 34420.625Senior men1 Stephen East (Wike Ridge, Yorkshire) 65100.333 pts2 David Niven (Newbury & Crookham, BB&O) 57833.0003 Richard Latham (Woodhall Spa, Lincolnshire) 43422.5004 David Nelson (Northenden, Cheshire) 38326.1255 Alan Mew (Stoneham, Hampshire) 36551.893Image copyright Leaderboard Photography 18 Nov 2016 Rawthore and East head the England senior tables last_img read more