DCNS picks Dassault Systèmes for software solutions

first_imgBack to overview,Home naval-today DCNS picks Dassault Systèmes for software solutions DCNS picks Dassault Systèmes for software solutions View post tag: DCNS February 8, 2016 Equipment & technologycenter_img French defense contractor DCNS has selected a platform from Dassault Systèmes for the design, engineering, construction and lifecycle services of naval defense solutions.Dassault Systèmes, a French company developing 3D design software, digital mock up and product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions, will provide DCNS with their 3DEXPERIENCE platform which will help manage the lifecycle of DCNS products, from new generation submarines to frigates, patrol vessels, aircraft carriers and landing platform docks (LPDs).The design and engineering of naval vessels require an integration of complex systems and infrastructure such as nuclear and conventional propulsion systems, radars, missiles and communications materials.Herve Guillou, President and Chief Executive Officer, DCNS, said: “Agility—the capacity to provide timely, reliable and efficient answers to our clients’ demands while insuring world-class system integration and operational, cost-effective lifecycle solutions—is a significant competitive advantage. Our cooperation with Dassault Systèmes and their transformational marine solutions provide a practical roadmap to achieve our ambitious goals from now on.”Bernard Charlès, President and CEO, Dassault Systèmes, said: “The marine and offshore industry at large is going through a new dynamic of innovation as the open seas are becoming more strategic than ever. The DCNS decision to adopt the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to create a virtual twin of their products across all lifecycles will set a new level of performance in the naval sector. “Our partnership with DCNS echoes our recent announcement with the world leader in cruise vessels Meyer Werft. Together we are inventing and putting in operation marine and offshore platforms that illustrate the industry of the future in a sector which calls for highly integrated systems to deliver unique experiences to its clients.” Share this article View post tag: Dassault Systèmeslast_img read more

Breaking news: Peters Bakery sold to Coopland

first_imgPeters Bakery has been sold to Scarborough-based Coopland & Son in a deal that will save more than 200 jobs.The move was announced today by Mark Firmin and Howard Smith of accountancy giant KPMG, joint administrators of Peters Bakery, which will see Coopland & Son (Scarborough) take charge of 22 Peters Bakery stores, involving the transfer of 129 store-based staff.In addition, the bakery business will also take over Peters’ 50,000sq ft factory and headquarters site at Durham’s Dragonville Industrial Estate, transferring 69 members of staff, as well as the north-east bakery’s retail van business, which sells baked goods to companies and industrial estates, transferring a further 10 employees over to Cooplands.KPMG added that 34 of Peters’ stores will immediately cease trading, resulting in 149 redundancies. Four staff in the distribution operation and two at head office have also been made redundant.Firmin said: “We undertook negotiations with several interested parties and this deal represents the best outcome for both the creditors and the employees of the company.  It means that as much of the business as possible will continue to trade under the new ownership of Cooplands, safeguarding more than 200 jobs.”In March this year, Cooplands featured at number 12 in British Baker’s BB75 list of high street bakery retailers, by store number, with 126 outlets at the beginning of 2012 – 17 more than in 2011.last_img read more

A Path Forward

first_imgDennis Markatos-Soriano, the executive director of the East Coast Greenway Alliance, said the goal is to create a place “where people can enjoy low cost transportation, lower costs in health care, and just have fun outside.” “A lot of people didn’t think it was going to happen,” he said. “Once it started to become a reality, the community really jumped behind this project. When communities get together, the potential they can unleash is really amazing. That’s what we did.” Georgia She tells them to be patient. Something is in the works.  “2018 was an extreme year of rain and storms,” Belling said. “We had a lot of landslides and washouts. It’s been pretty costly to keep the trails open and safe and welcoming. And so we constantly need support.” “I remember very well when the train was there, and the community was built somewhat around that train and the commerce it brought in,” Beaule said. “I am a complete advocate for a tobacco free lifestyle. But, at the same time, I acknowledge what it meant to my community and my family.” Take this 61 miles to the Alabama border where it connects with the Chief Ladiga Trail for an additional 33-mile journey.  Stop by one of the multiple stores and restaurants along the 22-mile trail to rent a bike for the day or to grab a bite to eat.  In addition to getting all of the right permits and meeting government regulations, one of the most challenging parts will be raising the funds to refurbish the 17 trestle bridges along the route. So far, one 67-foot trestle has been completed. At 600 dollars per foot, volunteers had to raise $40,200 for a single bridge through donations, sponsorships, and grants.  When members of the Tweetsie Trail Task Force began making plans for a rail-trail connecting Johnson City and Elizabethton, Tenn., they decided to turn down two major sources of funding to finish the project as quickly as possible. Bristol already has the amenities like hotels and breweries in place and draws crowds for various events like the Rhythm and Roots Reunion and race weekend. Volunteers hope the trail will help draw visitors year-round. Construction started in 1997 with the final mile completed in 2008. The trail begins at the West Virginia and Pennsylvania border, running along the Monongahela River. After passing through Morgantown, the trail splits in two directions. Visitors can choose to continue southwest along the river to Marion County or head southeast to Preston County. Rather than contracting the work out, the Johnson City Public Works Department did all of the construction on the trail except for two bridges that crossed major four lane roads. The entire project was completed in 2016, three years after construction began for a third of the estimated price. The rail-trails movement began in the Midwest as railroad companies consolidated and closed irrelevant lines. Communities were left with abandoned rails running through town. When a stretch of CSX line used to carry coal, sand, limestone, and other products out of West Virginia was abandoned in 1990, a group of grassroot volunteers came together to form the Mon River Trail Conservancy. The goal of the non-profit was to acquire property across several counties and to convert the 48 miles of rail line into a recreational trail.  Along the way, they stayed with family and friends. Strangers, many of whom had never heard of the project, provided bottles of water on hot summer days and showed an interest in one day undertaking a similar journey of their own. Whether for recreation or transportation, the 45-mile W&OD trail offers easy access through Northern Virginia to the Potomac River. Plans for the greenway have been underway since the early 90s when leaders of local greenway projects in major cities like Boston, New York, and D.C. came together to develop a connecting trail similar to the Appalachian Trail. Cities along the A.T. have experienced an economic revitalization as hikers pass through, stopping to refuel and enjoy a warm meal.  Construction of the first rail-trail began in 1965 on the 32.5-mile Elroy-Sparta State Trail in Wisconsin. According to the Rails to Trails Conservancy, there are now more than 2,000 rails-trails around the country, covering almost 23,700 miles.  Connecting the East Coast The project will give communities access to local trails as well as the opportunity to take on bigger adventures, traveling to far-away cities through human powered transportation.  “We knew if we took the state and federal funding, we would never get the project done,” said Dan Schumaier, chairman of the task force.  “Maintaining is not glamorous but it’s necessary,” she said. “We get hundreds of trees that block the trail every year, and that alone would end a trail if it didn’t have people out helping to keep it open and clean.” Traverse 22 miles of pristine wildlife and bustling cities on this once important line. This trail is part of a larger network of greenways in the Triangle area, making up the longest continuous stretch of any metropolitan area along the East Coast Greenway. Mammoth Cave, Ky. Beaule eventually moved to another part of the state and, like many smaller towns, the train and tobacco left the area, taking a large part of the local economy with it. A study done by Rutgers Professor John Pucher found that cities like Charlotte, Atlanta, and Richmond have seen the number of bicycle commuters more than double from 2000 to 2015. The popularity of the trail was almost instantaneous. Phil Pindzola, the director of public works, said the trail averages around 1,000 visitors a day with an event almost every weekend. Both downtowns have seen a revitalization as the cities try to attract new businesses and people to the area. Mammoth Cave Railroad Bike & Hike Trail Markatos-Soriano said he feels a sense of urgency to complete the trail, setting what he calls an “audacious goal” for 2030.  The Great Allegheny Passage Swamp Rabbit Trail Funding for maintenance comes from a variety of sources, from federal and regional grants to fundraising. In 2016, Monongalia County passed a five-year levy to support routine projects along the trail system. Virginia After the success of the Tweetsie, Johnson City is looking at creating a major trail system through the city, connecting the Tweetsie to other smaller trails and public parks. Tannery Knob, a mountain bike park, is set to open soon. The Triangle area of North Carolina is home to the longest stretch of completed greenway with almost 70 miles of linked trails. A study of the impacts of greenways in the Triangle by Alta Planning + Design estimates that the region gains more that $90 million in health, environmental, transportation, property, and economic benefits from the trails every year.  For Watts, the south-to-north cross-country trip appealed to her more than an East-to-West Coast trip because there would be shorter stretches riding through unpopulated areas, and they would not have to cross the Rocky Mountains. “It’s fun to meet people on the trail and it brings people together,” she said. “But in the case of the Mendota, I also see it as a potential economic catalyst for what is fast becoming a lost community.” North Carolina “The longer your trail system becomes, the more it becomes a tourist destination,” Belling said.  “From the obesity epidemic to climate change, it’s really important for us to have tangible projects and infrastructure that help people live the healthy and sustainable lifestyle that they want to,” he said. In Morgantown, what was once an industrial wasteland has been revitalized into prime riverfront property. “There’s no wavering in my thought process,” she said. “I’m convinced that it will be the best thing in my lifetime that I will see to be an economic catalyst. People see that trails are safe, they’re economic drivers, and they bring people to the area who are good stewards of the land.” Heather Cleary owns Morgantown Running, located right off the Caperton section of the trail. On Monday nights, the store hosts group runs for all skill levels on the trail and several race events using sections of the trail. At 150-miles long, the passage is the longest rail-trail east of the Mississippi River. Connect with the C&O Towpath, another 184 miles, to continue your journey to Washington, D.C. Alleghany County, VA Pennsylvania A Trek Bicycle store opened in Johnson City due in part to the construction of the trail. Pindzola said sales are up more than 100 percent at the Trek store for the third year in a row. Local Motion, a full-service bike shop, opened at the trailhead on the Johnson City end in 2017. The shop offers bike rentals and repairs, as well as ice cream after a long ride.  “When you do end up riding a couple of miles on a greenway, it’s such a treat,” Watts said. “You’ve been managing traffic and noise on a busy road. Then you turn and you can ride side by side, talk to each other, and not constantly be worried about what’s coming up behind you.” Born and raised in Southwest Virginia, Eva Beaule’s family depended on tobacco agriculture for income. Washington County was one of the country’s largest producers of burley tobacco leaves and, at that time, a rail line linking Mendota and Bristol, Va., carried products in and out of the county. “I grew up in Atlanta, Baltimore, and Boston and always had this kind of notion of riding my bike at some point, connecting all of those dots,” she said. “It’s been on my bucket list since I was 25.” It’s an ambitious project to connect the entire East Coast, from Key West, Fla. to the Maine-Canada border, on one continuous greenway. center_img Now Beaule has returned to her hometown and is part of a growing effort to convert that abandoned Virginia & Southwestern Railroad line into the Mendota Trail, a 12.5 miles multi-use recreational trail. A study done by West Virginia University found that trail users contribute more than $6 million annually to the region the trail runs through. “Businesses that existed for a long time along that corridor added on back porches or added back doors or started advertising to their backside,” Belling said.  Instead, they raised the funds themselves through solicited donations and local government funds. Companies contributed bricks, signs, and other materials. Individuals and organizations donated funds for the naming rights to bridges, benches, and pavilions.  Although the majority of the East Coast Greenway is still on the road, almost 30 bikers and hikers have completed the entire route. Atlanta BeltLine The greenway could have a similar affect, although it is designed to be an urban trail connecting more than 450 communities across 3,000-plus miles. This is not the first time the citizens of Washington County have tried to convert the abandoned line into a new source of revenue. Several attempts to turn the rail line into an excursion train or a recreational trail failed for various reasons. Once completed, this 22-mile loop around the city of Atlanta will connect more than 45 neighborhoods, providing a place for more sustainable transportation and outdoor recreation.  Although it is possible to bike or walk the entire East Coast Greenway route as it is right now, the goal is to eventually move the entire trail off road. The most challenging part for the alliance and supporters of the greenway will be to keep the enthusiasm going as funds are continuously needed to acquire land and connect existing trails. As the greenway becomes more well-known and communities see the benefits this kind of trail network could bring, more people will be able to take advantage of the project. The Virginia Creeper Trail, a popular trail located about 45 minutes from Mendota, sees upwards of 250,000 visitors every year.  The current project began in 2016 when the city of Bristol deeded the property to the non-profit Mountain Heritage, Inc. Volunteers quickly began clearing the trail, opening the first mile at the northern end in 2017. Another four to five miles on the southern end are expected to be completed in 2019. “We’re trying to figure out how to grow,” Pindzola said. “If you enhance the quality of life in the community, then people may be more likely to want to be a part of the community. When we built the Tweetsie Trail, what was immediately recognized was the value that trail had towards the quality of life.” “We certainly have the interest, the energy, but like so many things, the bottom line is you have to pay your bills to continue to get things done that need to get done,” he said. “We made so much progress in the last two years. It’s helpful to remind yourself of that occasionally to retain your energy and enthusiasm.” Lisa Watts, the communications manager for the alliance, took two months off work in the summer of 2018 to bike the entire route with a friend.  Washington and Old Dominion Railroad Regional Park Like any infrastructure project, a number of factors influence how quickly a rail-trail project comes together. From acquiring the property and correct permits to raising the funds and community support, it can be a long and costly process. In some states, especially in the north, miles and miles of greenways and trails have already been built. Other states have some catching up to do. An economic impact study done by Key-Log Economics estimates that 50,000 visitors to the Mendota Trail would add $655,700 to the local economy and create 11 jobs.  After the success of longer distance trails like the Great Allegheny Passage and C&O Canal Towpath, more communities are thinking about ways to leverage their trails as destinations for outdoor enthusiasts looking for a multi-day adventure and economic drivers for the towns along the path. “People are so kind,” Watts said. “A woman offered us her house in Georgia when we were planning to go to a motel. A host helped me change my tire. People gave directions and they’re always interested in what you’re doing. It just reinforces what we’re doing and why we’re doing it.”  Walk or bike this nine-mile trail into Mammoth Cave National Park, home to the world’s longest cave. Over 390 miles of passageways have been discovered with many more yet to be explored.  Even though the trail is complete, Belling said people often forget about the continued cost to maintain the trails once they are opened. Silver Comet Trail Schumaier, an audiologist in town, said the citizens who were not as excited about the trail running through their backyards eventually became some of the project’s biggest supporters. Every day was an adventure and the realization of a lifelong dream as the friends navigated the trail.  Greenville, S.C. Horseback ride, mountain bike, cross country ski,  or fish. There is something for everyone on this 62-mile trail that travels through the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon.  This was early on in rail-trails history on the East Coast and many locals and businesses were skeptical about the impact the trail could have on the community.  Like most rail-trails, the Mon River Trail is railbanked. This agreement between the railroad companies and trail agencies allows the land to be used as a recreational trail until a point the railroad may want to reestablish a line along that corridor. Under the 1983 National Trails System Act, ownership of the land transfers to the trail groups rather than reverting to adjacent land owners.  “It was somewhat of a challenge to convince people that it would be used and popular,” said Ella Belling, director of the conservancy. “With less than a mile of trail being built, people were walking up and down it. It saw immediate use. It didn’t take us long to show that people wanted it.” Before planning your next rails to trails adventure, make sure to research what activities are allowed on the route and the difficulty. The Rails to Trails Conservancy’s website offers detailed maps and history of each trail.  “This has been a dream for many people in this county for years, going back to when the railroad ceased operations in the early 80s,” said Bob Mueller, another trail volunteer working on grant applications and funding. “When you’re on the greenway, you’re not separated from other people by your windshield,” Markatos-Soriano said. “You’re encountering people and you’re developing relationships with people.” Atlanta, Ga.  “We’ve looked at other locations, but we want to be on the trail,” Cleary said.  It took the pair 57 days to ride up the entire coast, averaging between 60 to 70 miles a day. Pine Creek Trail The conservancy is also part of a larger network of trails and organizations working to connect more communities through these trail systems. As a part of the Parkersburg to Pittsburgh route and the Industrial Heartland Trails Coalition, the Mon River Trail will one day be a part of more than 1,500 miles of connected rails-trails in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and New York. Pennsylvania to Maryland American Tobacco Trail Paving the Way Beaule owns Adventure Mendota, a kayaking outfitter operating on the North Fork of the Holston River. After a day on the water, Beaule said visitors often ask what other outdoor recreation opportunities are available in the area. A study commissioned by the task force estimated construction of the entire 10-mile trail would cost around $6 million.   From Industry to Recreation: Turning Rails into Trails Jackson River Scenic Trail  By the end of 2018, more than 1,000 miles of trail built in patches up and down the East Coast are on protected greenways. Many of those miles come from abandoned rail lines turned into trails. The remaining two thirds of the trail are currently on right of ways on the side of roads.  A Community Effort In the heart of Western Virginia, just north of Covington, this scenic crushed gravel trail follows the former Hot Springs Branch of the C&O Railway all the way to the Bath County line for 14.3 miles.last_img read more

Role of grievance process reviewers to be clearly defined

first_img November 15, 2005 Senior Editor Regular News ‘There may be some tweaking, but I think it’s absolutely necessary this be done’ Gary Blankenship Senior Editor The Bar Board of Governors is considering adding to the Standing Board Policies a guide to a little-known but critical part of the Bar’s grievance process — board members who act as designated reviewers of grievance committee actions.The Disciplinary Procedure Committee presented the policies on first reading at the board’s October 21 meeting in Palm Coast. DPC Chair Murray Silverstein said they will come back to the board for final approval at its December meeting, and that some further alterations may be made.Silverstein said the committee had considered amending Bar rules, but decided it was better to provide the guidance in Standing Board Policies. He added that one of the recommendations of the Special Commission on Lawyer Regulation will be to provide more guidance for designated reviewers.“Existing Bar rules and policies don’t give a lot of specificity on the roles of designated reviewers,” Silverstein said. That, he added, can cause uncertainties for new board members who become reviewers and for complainants, lawyers, and their counsel who are in the grievance process.Questions include: Should reviewers meet with grievance respondents and their counsel before a grievance committee acts, and if so, should they inform and invite Bar counsel for the case? Another issue is whether a reviewer getting a report of a grievance committee action should rely on a summary or request all the records.The policies give multiple options to reviewers for handling cases, plus standards for each option, Silverstein said. The policies reinforce that the designated reviewer is not an adjudicator but part of the disciplinary process with some oversight responsibilities.“We also did not want to create challenges to the review process by enacting mandatory procedures and other requirements,” said Bar Counsel Tony Boggs, who oversees the Bar’s grievance program. “This is simply a guideline for engaging in a review.”“It looks good,” said board member David Rothman, who also serves on the Special Commission on Lawyer Regulation. “There may be some tweaking, but I think it’s absolutely necessary this be done.”Board member Chobee Ebbets agreed, saying better guidelines for designated reviewers will enable them to be more helpful to local Bar counsel.“It actually helps expedite some of the resolutions,” he said. “I really think this is an important change and one that will help.”Board member Ian Comisky, like Ebbets, is a member of the DPC, and said there was some question whether any guidelines were needed.“This [policy] language is much better than when it started out,” he said. “It gives some discretion and some guidance without [reining] in the reviewer too tightly.”The board took no vote on the recommendation. The vote will come on second reading at the December meeting.The new proposed Standing Board Policy 15.76 begins: “The member of the board of governors designated to review the actions in a grievance case has the authority to review pursuant to rule 3-7.5, Rules Regulating The Florida Bar. The designated reviewer has the responsibility under standing board policy 15.75 to conduct a review when requested to do so within the time frame allowed by the rule.”Options in the policy given to the reviewer are to recommend that the matter be referred to the grievance mediation program; that the matter be referred to the Bar’s fee arbitration program; that the attorney be diverted to the Bar’s Practice and Professionalism Enhancement Program with the file closed; that no probable cause be found; that a letter of advice be issued with a finding of no probable cause; that a finding of minor misconduct be made; or that a finding of probable cause justifying further disciplinary proceedings be made.The policies (in accord with court rules) give the reviewer 30 days from the grievance committee action to conduct a review, and require that the respondent or complainant must request the review within that time. The reviewer will have the summary of the grievance committee action and can request the file of the Bar counsel in the case, which will include the record before the grievance committee.In making a recommendation, the policies require that the reviewer presume the grievance committee was correct in its action, although Silverstein said the DPC is planning to change that to require that the grievance committee’s action be given great weight or due deference.Other guidelines include that the reviewer is not an adjudicator but rather an evaluator with broad discretion; that the reviewer should consider the size of the grievance committee and the closeness of its vote; that the reviewer should contact Bar counsel before making outside inquiries; and that in certain circumstances the reviewer may discuss the case with the investigating member of the grievance committee.If the reviewer believes further investigation or consideration is necessary, the policies provide the case should be returned to the grievance committee rather than forwarded to the board’s Disciplinary Review Committee. “Remand is preferred as it allows the grievance committee to reconsider an issue in light of the position of the designated reviewer and provides the designated reviewer with an opportunity to re-evaluate the grievance committee’s decision after it has considered the issues on remand,” the proposed policies said. Role of grievance process reviewers to be clearly definedcenter_img Role of grievance process reviewers to be clearly definedlast_img read more

Cuomo, Democrats taking away our rights

first_imgGov. Andrew Cuomo is back on the gun issue, on those who abuse their spouses or children.They would not be allowed to own certain firearms, which is another unconstitutional law with no guidelines of what defines an abusive person. An argument or difference of opinion might be considered abuse.As it stands right now, all the gun laws are in violation of the Second Amendment and the Commerce Act. The governor already killed our competition sport- and hunting with the Safe Act, which has done nothing to curb the shootings in the tri-city areas. Gov. Cuomo is trying to make the law-abiding citizens and sportsmen defenseless. We can’t buy pepper spray, stun guns or ammo to protect our property and family, which is in direction violations of the Supreme Court.I believe Gov. Cuomo and his New York City cronies should be held accountable for all the homicides in the state. They should be held accountable for the terror groups and bombings due to his sanctuary city, along with Mayor DeBlasio, Sens. Schumer and Gillibrand, and Rep. Tonko. In our state government, all the corrupt representatives come from New York City and are Democrats. Even our courts are about money,  not laws. Remember, all the accusations without proof to substantiate a claim are bogus. You’re innocent until proven guilty. I was surprised at Alabama for the way they voted against a man who fought to keep the 10 Commandments in the Supreme Court of Alabama in order to believe the accusations without proof. After 34 years, these ladies came forward to assassinate his character. I would sue every one of them for slander. I wonder how much they were paid. The Democratic Party made politics dirty and costly to the taxpayers. Do you really want to pay for bogus investigations and lies? I don’t.Claude Rizzicone Jr.SchenectadyMore from The Daily Gazette:Schenectady’s Lucas Rodriguez forging his own path in dance, theater, musicSchenectady NAACP calls for school layoff freeze, reinstatement of positionsEDITORIAL: Thruway tax unfair to working motoristsEDITORIAL: Beware of voter intimidationEDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the census Categories: Letters to the Editor, Opinionlast_img read more

Abedi Pele to meet GFA over sons Andre and Jordan

first_imgFooty-ghana.com can authoritatively confirm that former Black Stars captain Abedi Ayew ‘Pele’ is set to meet the hierarchy of the Ghana Football Association for talks over the temporary retirement of his sons Andre and Jordan Ayew from the national team.Highly-placed footy-ghana.com sources reveal that a government delegation was sent to meet with the Ayew brothers in France and the outcome of that meeting proved positive.Footy-ghana.com understands that in the next few days, Abedi Pele is set to meet with GFA bigwigs to iron out whatever issues his sons may have had that culminated in the withdrawal of their services from the Black Stars.Footy-ghana.com has learnt that should that meeting prove successful, the Ayew brothers would write letters to the GFA rescinding their retirement and making themselves available for the 2014 World Cup qualifier against Zambia in September.It will be recalled that Andre and Jordan Ayew were dropped from Ghana’s 2013 African Nations Cup squad for various reasons and both players withdrew their services from the Black Stars before Ghana’s 4-0 win over Sudan back in March.last_img read more

LeBron James hopes Lakers will have chance to finish season, achieve ‘closure’

first_img Lakers practice early hoping to answer all questions Trail Blazers, Grizzlies advance to NBA play-in game; Suns, Spurs see playoff dreams dashed LeBron James won’t be ready to get back to work until the experts vouch for the safety of playing basketball in light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Nor, however, is the Lakers superstar ready to give up on a season that’s proved so challenging, so surprising and in so many ways, inspiring too.“I can have some satisfaction on what our team has been able to do this year,” James said on a video conference with reporters Wednesday. “Having a first-year coach, first-year system, a whole new coaching staff, I honestly didn’t think that we’d be able to come together as fast as we did.“Having so many new players, so many new pieces, bringing in Anthony (Davis). He spent seven years in New Orleans, so he was coming into a new system playing along with myself and how we would be able to come together. I thought it would take us a lot longer than it did – but I was wrong.”James takes pleasure in that, of course. And he said he believes he’ll be able to find satisfaction in the many victories along the way: The Lakers secured a postseason berth, putting an end to their six-season playoff drought. They were sitting atop the Western Conference standings with a 49-14 record when play was paused March 11. For this particular period of time, without basketball or, for that matter, without any real normalcy beyond the sport, James said he’s making the best of the unexpected break. He said he appreciates the opportunity to spend time with his family, watching TV, playing cards and video games, training with his son and observing his children engaged in distance learning. “I don’t know how many other people understand how hard it is to be a teacher,” James said. “I got a good sense of it because I have my own (I Promise) school back home, so I know how difficult it is. But to even add another layer of being able to have teaching across the web. My appreciation for the teachers and professors and the tutors that are calling in daily, or weekly, to our kids all across the nation, still allowing them to learn and still keeping them up to speed about what’s going on like they were in the classroom.“It’s definitely been a bit of a blessing to be able to be here 24/7,” James continued. “To be here with your family and being able to – I don’t want to say ‘recoup’ the time, because that’s one thing you cannot do – but to be able to appreciate it and be in this moment, it’s been pretty cool.“Even though I’ve missed the game of basketball like none other.” Trail Blazers beat Grizzlies in play-in, earn first-round series with the Lakers center_img How athletes protesting the national anthem has evolved over 17 years AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREUCLA alum Kenny Clark signs four-year contract extension with Packers“But I don’t know,” mused James, who at 35 was playing MVP-caliber basketball and averaging a career-high 10.6 assists per game, with his sights set squarely on competing for a fourth NBA title.“I don’t think I’d be able to have any closure if we do not have an opportunity to finish this season. I will have some satisfaction on just being with my brothers … some of the games that we lost, some of the games that we won, some of the games that we overcame and then everything that we’ve been going through this season, the ups and downs, not only on the floor, but off the floor.”Before the pandemic interrupted the season, James’ Lakers were at the center of some the league’s most challenging moments, including the Kobe Bryant’s death in January and, before that, the NBA’s high-stakes dispute with China.“Everything that we’ve had to endure, as the Laker faithful and players and coaching staff and organization, has been so much,” James said. “So closure? No. But to be proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish to this point, I’ll be able to look back and say, ‘OK, we did something special in that small period of time.’ ”Related Articles Newsroom GuidelinesNews TipsContact UsReport an Error Lakers, Clippers schedules set for first round of NBA playoffs last_img read more